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As N.H. considers repealing the death penalty, the lone man on death row looms large

As New Hampshire grapples with the likelihood that the Legislature will vote this month to repeal the death penalty, Michael Addison is being discussed on both sides of the debate.

Mayor Pete and the Order of the Kong: How Buttigieg?s Harvard pals helped spur his rise in politics

Buttigieg?s rhetoric as a presidential candidate sounds nearly identical to his political musings when he was in Cambridge, college friends said.

Was Jeff Koons?s balloon bunny worth a record $91 million?

The poster boy of art-world excess, Koons set a contemporary-art price record at auction on Wednesday night. Here?s why.

?Saturday Night Live? mocks Trump again, this time with a raucous Queen cover

In its season finale, the popular sketch comedy series launched into a cover of Queen?s ?Don?t Stop Me Now,? with lyrics reworked to reference everything from the Mueller report to controversial abortion laws.

Ongoing D.C. fight tests separations of powers

Legal experts and scholars say the escalating clash between congressional Democrats and the White House has entered uncharted territory.
Michigan GOP congressman says Trump?s conduct is ?impeachable?

Trump signals Alabama abortion law goes too far but stresses he?s ?strongly pro-life?

President Trump is distancing himself from a new Alabama law against abortion even in cases of rape and incest but also is stressing his ??strongly pro-life?? credentials. 32 minutes ago

Female lawmakers speak about rapes as abortion bills advance

For more than two decades, Nancy Mace did not speak publicly about her rape. In April, when she finally broke her silence, she chose the most public of forums ? before her colleagues in South Carolina?s legislature.
Yvonne Abraham

On Steve Murphy, privilege, and ?pie holes?

Now is not the time to question whether there really is a need for more women legislators, or whether white male privilege exists. And it is definitely not the time to tell women to ?shut their pie holes.?

Former CIA chief Brennan to brief Democrats on Iran

House Democrats will hear from former CIA director John Brennan about the situation in Iran, inviting him to speak next week amid heightened concerns over the Trump administration?s sudden moves in the region.

Norfolk sheriff?s office offers a soft landing for prominent state GOP officials

The new sheriff, a Republican, has turned to several party operatives to fill management roles in his office.

Nancy Pelosi to receive JFK Profile in Courage award Sunday evening

The speaker of the House is scheduled to take a break from sparring with President Trump and quieting disputes within her own party for a visit to Boston?s JFK Library.

Columbine school shooting survivor found dead in home

A Colorado man who survived the 1999 Columbine school shooting and later became an advocate for fighting addiction has died.

College Commencements

?A better world is possible,? Anita Hill tells Lesley graduates

Anita Hill told students graduating from Lesley University on Saturday to continue fighting for change.
See who?s speaking at Sunday?s commencements

Traumatized ex-soldier died trying to ?find peace? on Appalachian Trail

On May 11, a Yarmouth man who had frightened others along the trail with his erratic behavior allegedly invaded the camp that Ronnie Sanchez Jr. and three others had set up.

Mattapan hit-and-run victim ?was a hero to a lot of us?

The woman struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver Thursday was remembered by her heartbroken neighbors Saturday as a loving, generous woman.

Joe Biden rejects Democrats? anger in call for national unity

Biden?s call for bipartisan unity came Saturday at one of his first large-scale rallies, in Philadelphia.

In attempt to stem displacement, city will set value of housing vouchers by ZIP code

Boston will be the first housing authority in the country to voluntarily join the Small Area Fair Market Rents system.

Lynn post office to be rededicated to Thomas P. Costin Jr.

The former Lynn mayor and postmaster will be honored with a ceremony scheduled for Friday at the post office at 51 Willow St., the US Postal Service announced.

States pushing abortion legislation rank poorly when it comes to child well-being

Data show many of the states advancing legislation to restrict abortion do a poor job of supporting children in other areas.


Dinner with Cupid
Blind date: ?I was convinced I was being stood up?
Will he be impressed by his date?s Southern charm and parking karma?

Miss Conduct
Advice: Can a longtime friendship survive long distance?
Plus, what to do when a strong family resemblance causes awkward social situations.


Five summer music festivals that span tastes and trends

From Boston Calling to Solid Sound to the Super Mega Ultra Giant Mad Decent Block Party, there?s plenty on offer for pop music fans.

Oh, the horror (and drama and comedy) of summer

Summer 2019 is here to tell you that popular culture matters and it?s more digital than ever.

With just her voice and a cello, Helen Gillet has created a new vocabulary

The core of her work is solo performance with live looping, layering cello parts and vocal lines.

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Historic town store ready for new chapter in N.H.

Now the town is looking for someone to supply tiny Francestown with coffee, sandwiches, snacks, and 11th-hour rations for family barbecues.




Red Sox-Astros has grown into quite a rivalry

Two years ago, the Astros ended the Red Sox? season in the Division Series. Last year, the Sox gained some payback in the ALCS.

In clash with Congress, a weak legal case may still help Trump
The president?s lawyers are using a legal argument that many scholars say is a pretty sure loser ? yet they may end up delaying the investigations with their argument, and that could be a win in itself.

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy
Where are all the Massachusetts tech IPOs?
When it comes to going public, the sector remains in the long shadow of California.


He bought the fencing coach?s house. Then his son got into Harvard

The Needham house was assessed at $549,300, but sold for nearly a million dollars. The buyer, who never lived a day there, would sell it 17 months later at a substantial loss in what may become the next chapter in the national debate over fairness in college admissions.
Read the Harvard statement on fencing coach Peter Brand Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin appear in Boston court in college cheating scandal

Know about college admissions wrongdoing? Tell us

In light of the recent college admissions scandal, we?re looking for the public?s help better understanding how families and students play the admissions game.