New filings implicate Trump in payments to women

Federal prosecutors said Donald Trump directed the payments to ward off a potential sex scandal that threatened his 2016 campaign.

Richard Drew/Associated Press

Michael Cohen left his New York apartment building on Friday.

// Comey faces off with GOP over Clinton e-mails, alleged bias

Former FBI director James Comey, who appeared under subpoena, announced after the meeting that he would return for more questioning Dec. 17.

// Manafort lied about Trump administration ties, Mueller says

Paul Manafort misled prosecutors in recent debriefings about his communications and a meeting with a Russian associate, according to a court filing Friday.

Opinion | Erwin Chemerinsky

// Did Mueller implicate Trump in criminal activities?

The crucial question will be how this is handled in a country that prides itself on the principle that no one, not even the president, is above the law.

FOR FUTURE HOHLER STORY Myra and Raymond Turner, parents of pro football player Kevin Turner, visit the memorial for their son at the Kevin Turner Field, at the Stanley-Jensen Stadium, Prattville, Alabama. Turner's photograph is on the memorial. Turner's nickname was

Meg McKinney for The Boston Globe


Was CTE a factor in ex-Patriot Kevin Turner making his nurse his wife ? and heir?

Turner died a year after marrying his nurse, who now gets his NFL pension, but his parents claim he wasn?t mentally fit to make decisions.

// Dorchester stores? closures leave working-class families without options

Residents wonder what might fill those spots, and whether they?ll continue to offer affordable options for those who live nearby.

// Winchester native expected to be named Joint Chiefs chairman

Army General Mark Milley would succeed Marine General Joseph Dunford, who also has Boston-area ties.

// Trump says Tillerson is ?dumb as a rock? and ?lazy as hell?

Rex Tillerson?s claims that President Trump regularly pushed him to take actions that were illegal infuriated his old boss.

Nestor Ramos

// On the Orange Line tracks, three discarded items and the stories they tell

Was this an accumulation of a few days? trash, scattered by the passing trains? Or, worse, the leavings of a single sad life?

// At Harvard, Rashida Tlaib blasts comments by former Trump advisor Gary Cohn

Gary Cohn, President Trump?s former top economic adviser and an ex-Goldman Sachs executive, got a cold reception from a newly elected House Democrat during an off-the-record event Thursday.

Renée Graham

// Baby, it?s cold outside ? for songs that celebrate sexual assault and domestic violence

?Baby, It?s Cold Outside? should be left outside modern culture.

Michael A. Cohen

// Power grab in Wisconsin and Michigan is an assault on democracy

Republican legislators are using a lame-duck session to subvert an electoral outcome and make a mockery of democracy.

Mexicans bound for the Imperial Valley to harvest peas. Near Bakersfield, California, November 1936. Public domain

Dorothea Lange


Undocumented entry wasn?t always a crime. Here?s how that changed.

Before the 1920s, immigrants who came to the United States without permission weren?t treated as criminals. A surge of nativist sentiment brought the law down on these migrants.

Tara Sullivan

// For Tom Brady, Miami is his house of horrors

The Patriots quarterback is 7-9 all time on the road against the Dolphins.

Chad Finn

// Red Sox keep band together, but is it the right move?

Keeping the roster intact has not been the post-championship mode of operation in previous tenures.

Connections | Magazine

// Feeling blue at the holidays? Here?s a thought that may help.

During the most wonderful time of the year, sadness sometimes, somehow finds a way to creep in.

// A patient coughed up this blood clot in the shape of his lung airways ? and the picture is ?remarkable?

The image of the cast was published in The New England Journal of Medicine recently, sending people into a tizzy.

Dinner With Cupid

// Blind date: ?There were a lot of birthdays that night in the restaurant?

Will too many rounds of ?Happy Birthday? kill the mood for these daters?

// Elderly man, 78, evicted for using medical marijuana

John Flickner is staying at a Niagara Falls, N.Y., shelter after being tossed out in the cold earlier this week.

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// Families facing health problems are in need of help

Mounting medical problems have frayed emotions and finances for many families seeking help over the holidays.

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// Charges against Boston officer disappear after private court hearing

It?s another example of the unusually secretive process that Mass. uses to consider requests for criminal charges issued in district and municipal courts.


Special reports

Globe Magazine

// Help was a few feet away. Why didn?t they save her?

My wife, Laura Levis, did everything she could to save herself when the asthma attack began. She went to Somerville Hospital and called 911, too. How could she have been left to die just outside the emergency room?


// It?s All Downhill

A weekly skiing e-mail with news and reviews from the slopes of New England and beyond. Sign up here.

The Big Picture

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

The Big Picture

Globe staff photos of the month: November 2018

Here?s a look at some of the best images taken by Globe photographers last month: a colorful sunrise, Christmas tree lightings, and high school sports.

Real Estate

For decades, this old Mass. factory has sat empty. Now there?s a battle over its future.

In the heart of Hopedale, the sights and sounds that brought the Draper Corp. factory to life went still and silent decades ago. In their absence, shattered windowpanes and chipped paint, boarded windows and dark hallways are mainstays at the expansive, 1,000,000-square-foot former industrial powerhouse that once churned out textile machinery used around the globe.


// Democrats are eyeing a valuable pharma asset: its patents

After a midterm election that saw voters focused on drug prices, progressives are decrying pharma?s abuses of the patent system.

Love Letters: The Podcast

// Love Letters: Until next year, my sweetheart

In a special bonus episode, Meredith Goldstein explores what happens to summer romance when the summer ends, and ?Wet Hot American Summer? creator David Wain shares a girl-crazy memory from his own camp days.

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