Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA chief

The Senate voted to confirm Haspel after several Democrats were persuaded to support her despite lingering concerns about her role in the brutal interrogation of suspected terrorists.

// Boston school gym teacher allegedly molested four students while drunk

Students told the principal that the teacher appeared ?drunk and had touched them inappropriately? outside in a playing field area, prosecutors said.

Large companies, not just startups, embrace co-working spots

Private corner offices are out; collaborative bullpens are in. And employers want amenities to attract workers. Sometimes, the corporate headquarters just doesn?t fit the bill.

// Mobster says memory of burying murder victim came back to him during walk in woods

A Rhode Island mobster testified during the trial of Francis ?Cadillac Frank? Salemme that his memories came flooding back when he was collecting mushrooms.

// Trump defends ?animals? remark about some immigrants, says he?ll always use it

The president said he would continue to use the term to refer to violent gang members in spite of a sharp rebuke from Democratic leaders.


// FDA calls out 39 drug companies for allegedly blocking access to generics

The new list is part of the Trump administration?s efforts to lower prescription drug prices.

// Warren challenger ends lawsuit over ?fake Indian? sign

Shiva Ayyadurai had filed a lawsuit against Cambridge, which asked him to remove a sign from a campaign bus reading: ?Only a REAL INDIAN Can Defeat the Fake Indian.?

// Another developer wants to build over the Mass. Pike

A new complex along Mass. Ave. would feature two buildings with 540,000 square feet of space.


// Mount Ida is classic Boston: Steeped in insider politics, secrecy, and faux outrage

What happened at Mount Ida is unconscionable. But UMass and top political leaders didn?t try to stop it. They were party to it.

Ground Game

// In Rhode Island, a father and daughter run for office

He?s running for Congress. His daughter is running for state representative. And, yes, he is ?so proud? of her.

// Boston homeless man jailed after trying to eat at Burger King

Emory Ellis is suing the fast food giant and franchisee for nearly $1 million, saying he was discriminated against because of his appearance.

Amherst, MA--5/17/2018-- Lucio Perez (C) embraced Milta Franco, of Springfield after he came out to thank supporters who created a caravan to help him return to the church where he has been sheltered in sanctuary for the past seven months after a trip to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Clergy members and supporters created a caravan to shepherd him from the hospital in Northampton back to the church in Amherst so that ICE wouldn't try to detain him as he left. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff) Topic: 17sanctuarypic Reporter:

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Immigrant living in sanctuary of Amherst church forced to leave after medical emergency

Lucio Perez, who is in the US illegally from Guatemala, traveled in fear to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy, but returned to the church without incident.


// Welcome to the world of legal sports betting. Who?s ready to lose some money?

Here are a few of the agonizing ways Boston fans could have lost ? or won! . . . but probably lost ? money in recent years.

// In the past 10 years, the number of students taking AP tests in Mass. has more than doubled

School officials say while the college credit is appealing to many students, most are attracted to the classes because they?re rigorous.

// Is someone secretly producing gas that harms the ozone layer?

Government scientists have detected an increase in emissions of an outlawed industrial gas that destroys ozone, potentially slowing progress in restoring the atmosphere?s protective ozone layer.

// It?s extremely rare to get sucked out of an airplane window. But here?s how it would work

Even though it?s happened twice in two months, incidents of people being sucked out of plane windows are extremely rare, experts said.

// These were the top baby names in Massachusetts last year

One name that seemed much more popular here than nationwide might reflect the region?s love of a certain football player.

A prairie dog pup is one of 15 new additions to a colony of the tiny rodents at Franklin Park Zoo.

At Franklin Park Zoo, a family of prairie dogs welcomes 15 pups

Franklin Park Zoo?s prairie dog colony is welcoming 15 tiny additions, as young pups emerge from their underground burrows to greet visitors.


// Another Aaron Schlossberg video is out. This one?s not any better, and it has a Mass. connection

A Massachusetts native posted a video of the New York lawyer calling him ?an ugly [expletive] foreigner? two years ago.

// Hawaii?s Kilauea volcano erupts from its summit

The summit explosion sent a dusty plume of ash about 30,000 feet into the sky.

// Danny Ainge responds to allegedly being called a ?thief?

The comment was made by a Cavaliers player in reference to the Kyrie Irving trade last summer.


// Showtime orders 12 episodes of Boston-based crime drama ?City on a Hill?

The series is based on an idea of Ben Affleck?s.

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Michael A. Cohen

// Both sides to blame for violence in Gaza

Everything that happened this week was inevitable, predictable, and at least, in part, avoidable.


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