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Combine photos of Las Vegas shooting victims. FOR WEB ONLY

A look at the victims killed in Las Vegas

At least 59 people were killed in the worst mass shooting in US history.

Editorial | Make it stop

// These six senators are key in passing gun control bills

Here?s a list of six key senators who have voted with the gun lobby in the past and are up for re-election next year.

Jimmy Kimmel (pictured at the Oscars in February) spoke tearfully and angrily in his ?Jimmy Kimmel Live!? opening monologue Monday night about the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Ty Burr | Commentary

Why do comedians talk about gun control? Because our leaders won?t.

Late-night hosts are speaking truth to power, while dismissing the notion that it?s ?too soon? to discuss how to prevent future massacres.

// Why was there a Bradlees truck driving around this week?

The popular department store closed in 2001 but seeing the truck elicited a range of confused ? and excited ? responses.

Tom Petty at the Tweeter Center in 1999.

Tom Petty?s five best in Boston, from the first show to the last

Former Globe rock critic Steve Morse recalls the rocker?s most memorable performances, from 1976 to 2017.

// ?We were all quite nude.? MIT professor woken at 5:15 a.m. by Nobel call

Rainer Weiss and two others are members of the LIGO-Virgo detector collaboration that discovered gravitational waves.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

// What progressives should love about the Trump tax cuts

Eliminating some deductions would mostly affect the people who can afford to pay more.


// It was easy to leave ?Silicon Valley,? T.J. Miller says

The comedian appeared at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston as part of the Forbes Under 30 Summit.


//[1] Who?s playing Hugh Hefner in the biopic?

An Oscar winner for ?Dallas Buyers Club,? that?s who.

In Puerto Rico, Trump seeks praise from local officials

Before leaving Washington, President Trump said Puerto Ricans who have called the federal response insufficient ??have to give us more help.??

President Donald Trump spoke during a briefing on hurricane recovery efforts with first responders at Luis Muniz Air National Guard Base on Tuesday.

Evan Vucci/AP

Six things Trump probably shouldn?t have said about Puerto Rico while in Puerto Rico

Here?s a look at the quotes from President Trump?s briefing on Tuesday that raised some eyebrows.

// Yahoo says that a 2013 breach affected all 3 billion of its accounts

That amount triples the number originally reported.

Exclusive: Dave Dombrowski on the Red Sox and the playoffs

The Red Sox president of baseball operations joined Chris Gasper on Tuesday?s edition of our new podcast.

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Medford police apprehend man reported to be carrying knives near school

Anderson Jean-Renee, 25, was allegedly armed with a knife while standing outside the Columbus Elementary School, officials said.

//[1].jpg Boston, Pine Street Inn to share $2.4 million grant

The funds would specifically be used for housing and to treat homeless individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

//[1]-4406.jpg Lahey Health is laying off about 75 employees

The job cuts come as it looks to merge with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and several other hospitals.

// Lawyers for Nathan Carman push back on information request from boat insurer

The Vermont man is at the center of separate probes into the shooting death of his wealthy grandfather and presumed death of his mother.

Dave Epstein

// Fall is in the air. So is summer. Welcome to October in New England.

The slide into autumn is never a straight line, especially in our little corner of the country.

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Are you a true Pats fan? See if you can answer these 10 questions

Everything from the '60's to today. How well do you know your favorite franchise?

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// 108 Stitches

Red Sox reporter Alex Speier writes about everything baseball with an eye for analytics and an insider?s knowledge of the game.

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Spotlight follow-up

// Children of priests step out of the shadows

A growing number of people who say their fathers are priests are speaking out, drawing attention to an invisible legion of suffering.

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// Just a guy holed up with several rifles in a hotel room

It takes a political angle and quite a lot of carnage to command our attention.

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Fall Arts Preview 2017

Fall Arts preview

// A guide to the best of what to see and do in Boston

A complete guide to movies, music, books, arts, theater, and family events in the Greater Boston area this season.


// This Alzheimer?s patient stars in a pharma ad. He may soon be homeless

Brian Kursonis, who has early-onset Alzheimer?s, is a star of the ?Go Boldly? campaign meant to burnish pharma?s image.


// Play the crossword

Puzzled? Keep trying and see if you can triumph.