Senate GOP health bill clears a big hurdle after dramatic showdown

The vote came amid the dramatic backdrop of Senator John McCain?s return to the Senate to cast a vote on allowing the measure to proceed.

In rousing speech, McCain urges Senate to return to bipartisanship

?Let?s trust each other,? said McCain, who returned to the Senate to vote despite a diagnosis of brain cancer.

// What did the Senate just vote on? And what?s next?

The Senate just voted by a razor-thin margin to debate the health care bill.

Senator John McCain returned to the US Senate Tuesday.

John McCain?s return echoes Ted Kennedy?s final days, but mission is far different

The two senators were both diagnosed with the same form of brain cancer, and both headed to Washington for critical votes.

// Collins on congressman who slammed her: ?He?s so unattractive it?s unbelievable?

?I don?t mean to be unkind, but he?s so unattractive it?s unbelievable,? the Maine senator said of Blake Farenthold in comments caught on a hot mic.

// Caught on hot mic, senators unload on Trump

Apparently speaking to Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Senator Susan Collins of Maine also called a House representative ?so unattractive it?s unbelievable.?

Elizabeth Warren spoke to supporters outside the Senate.

Warren speaks out on health care from steps of Capitol after health care vote

Speaking with a megaphone to a group of protesters, Warren said the fight to retain the Affordable Care Act was a test for the country.

Diver who passed out near Andrea Doria wreck has died

The Coast Guard says a diver pulled unresponsive from waters near the wreck of the Andrea Doria off Massachusetts has died.

// Left something in your Uber? It will now cost $15 to get it back

The measure is designed to compensate drivers for time spent returning lost items.

Roof repairs, worker with yellow gloves replacing red tiles or shingles on house with blue sky as background and copy space.

Associated Press

Your Home | Design Refresher

Replace your roof? Wait a year? Here?s how to decide.

Now that the drought is over and winter is a few months away, it?s time for New England homeowners to get serious about what?s overhead.

// The pedestrian buttons at crosswalks? They do nothing.

Waiting to cross the street? Press all you want, or don?t ? it doesn?t matter either way.

Median home price in Mass. tops $400,000 for the first time

Competition among buyers remains high as the number of properties for sale dropped again in June.


Wait, that?s why Justin Bieber canceled his tour?

The singer may have new priorities.

// Paul Shanley, notorious priest in Catholic sex abuse scandal, to be released this week

Shanley is set to be released after serving 12 years for raping a Sunday school student in the early 1980s.

// ?It?s impossible to ignore this anymore?: CTE study details toll on football players

Researchers studied the donated brains of 202 players, and interviewed their loved ones about mood and behavioral problems.

// Allegations that medical school dean led drug-fueled secret life stun many in Boston

In Boston, Dr. Carmen Puliafito was known as driven and intense, a physician who relished the business of running a clinic as well as his time in the operating room.

// Man who allegedly attacked woman outside Planet Fitness was looking for revenge

The man allegedly targeted the victim as an indirect act of revenge against a relative of her former boyfriend, court records show.

The Trump presidency

// Will Jeff Sessions keep his job? ?We?ll see what happens,? Trump says

?I am disappointed in the attorney general, he should not have recused himself,? President Trump told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

Ground Game

// Why it?s so complicated for Trump to just say, ?Jeff, you?re fired?

Here are three problems the president would have in firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Renée Graham

The destruction of Jeff Sessions, 140 characters at a time

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is marching toward the abyss, but he never saw it coming.

Michael A. Cohen

// Events of the past few days are not making America great again

And it?s only Tuesday.

// ?I?m going to fire everybody? in bid to stop leaks, Scaramucci says

Anthony Scaramucci, President Trump?s new communications director, threatened to fire everyone in the press office if necessary.

Talking Points

Convention center authority wrestles with pension funding

The agency?s estimated pension liability is now close to $45 million.


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// Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


// Flesh-eating bacteria: 5 things to know after a hiker?s almost-fatal infection

A hiker developed a dangerous bacterial infection after a recent climb. Is there any reason for the rest of us to be concerned?