Kennedy Institute finds if you build it, not everyone will come

Boston-03/29/2017- The numbers of visitors are below expectations at the Edward Kennedy Institute. Three people were the only visitors inside a replica of the Senate Chamber as they hear a presentation. John Tlumacki/Globe staff(metro)

John Tlumacki/Globe staff

The institute projected it would draw up to 150,000 visitors annually. But since it opened two years ago, it?s seen just 62,000 each year.

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GOP lawmakers in North Carolina announced late last night that they have reached a deal to repeal the controversial HB2 law and will vote on it this morning.

Fast Forward: N.C. to kill LGBT bias law, and taking a walk in a park to chillax

Say bye-bye to the nasty HB2 law in North Carolina, and more of the news you need to start your day.

// Live updates: Hernandez fiancee testifies in murder trial

The childhood sweetheart of Aaron Hernandez is testifying as a prosecution witness in his double murder trial.

// Trucker allegedly drove cross country nonstop fueled by drugs

Police have arrested a trucker they say drove nonstop from Seattle to Massachusetts fueled by crystal meth, LSD, and cocaine.

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Dan Cutrona

Your home | Gardens

Why New Englanders are going wild for fire pits

They provide a focal point for the patio and help chase away the chill.

// Sing us a song, you?re the tribute band

Ben Eramo, of Byfield, has been obsessively rehearsing Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Billy Joel?s catalog for about 10 years.


// Ronaldo bust looks nothing like Ronaldo, and the Internet noticed

Besides his soccer prowess, Cristiano Ronaldo is known for being exceptionally handsome, and at least somewhat vain.

// An Indonesian man disappeared. Then his body was found ? inside a python.

A 25-year-old man who had gone missing from his village on Sunday apparently had been swallowed whole by a python.


// Spring storm could bring six inches or more in parts of Mass.

The stormy weather will arrive in Western Massachusetts Friday and slowly migrate into Boston.

The Trump administration

// Senate hearing to focus on ?paid internet trolls,? other Russia tactics

A committee is investigating whether voters in key states might have been served up Russian-generated fake news.

// Trump Today: Ivanka to become an unpaid government employee

Ivanka Trump?s role as an informal adviser with a White House office raised concerns with ethics experts, who said it would allow her to avoid some rules.

Opinion | Eric Fehrnstrom

// In bid to block Gorsuch, Warren and Democrats overplay their hand

In vowing to block the Supreme Court pick, the Democrats invite bigger problems down the road.

// Reluctant at first, Khizr Khan now embraces spotlight

Khizr Khan said when he and his wife were deciding whether to speak last summer, they considered what their son would want them to do.


// Tufts nurses union authorizes one-day strike

The union that represents nearly 1,200 nurses at Tufts Medical Center said they authorized a one-day strike. No date has been set.

// NBCUniversal plans a new regional headquarters in Needham

Three months after launching a new station, NBCUniversal is investing in a $125 million site in the Needham Crossing office park.

Hiawatha Bray | Tech Lab

// Internet privacy, such as it is, loses yet another defense. Sad!

Congress is poised to loosen online privacy rules, but we?ve never had full privacy in our Internet use.

Local politics

// Governor Baker boosts funding for early education

The funding, if approved by the Legislature, will translate directly into raises for teachers.

Munch Madness

// It?s the Final Four

We?re nearing the end of the tournament: Only four restaurants remain. Vote now for your favorite.

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// Nunes not up to the task of getting to the truth on Russia

Paul Ryan should replace Devin Nunes or support a select committee to oversee the investigation.


//$medium.jpeg Address: The week in real estate

Our weekly digest on buying, selling, and design, with expert advice and insider neighborhood knowledge.

Special reports

Special report | Part 1

Fleeing Syria for Trump?s America

The trip was over for these refugees. They had found a new home in Mass. But uncertainty lay ahead: Tomorrow, Donald Trump would be sworn in.


// Documenting Hate: Submit an incident you know about

If you have been a victim or witnessed a hate incident, share your information here so we can investigate.


// Transplanted eyes let tadpoles see through their tails

Researchers say the finding sheds light on how to connect implants and grafts to the body?s own wiring.