AFC Championship: Steelers at Patriots | 6:40 p.m. (CBS}

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Tom Brady: Superfreak?

We break down, body part by body part, what science suggests the average 39-year-old human encounters, and how Brady might be defying those expectations.


// Sunday?s game could come down to Stephen Gostkowski

If another Super Bowl trip comes down to his leg, Gostkowski won?t be daunted ? despite a subpar season.


// Le?Veon Bell is too good for the Patriots to simply shut him down

Bell rushed for 1,268 yards and caught 75 passes for 616 yards in just 12 games.

//[1].jpg A doughnut-related wager, in advance of the AFC Championship

Local shop Kanes Donuts has made a bet with Mac?s Donut Shop in Aliquippa, Pa., near Pittsburgh, regarding the outcome of Sunday?s Steelers-Pats game.

// How to unload an unwanted timeshare without getting scammed

When my parents tried to sell their timeshare, they realized it was worthless. They couldn?t even give it back to the resort. And the bills kept coming.

This is the entrance to TD Garden where a homeless man was allegedly assaulted by a security guard last month, according to authorities.

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Kevin Cullen

Recognizing the humanity of the homeless

?Being homeless is like being invisible,? Kourtney McLean said. ?People bump into me, and it?s as if I?m not there.?

// Forgotten and forlorn, a Mass. town finds hope in Donald Trump

Winchendon hadn?t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988, but in Trump residents have vested their hopes for revival.

// Governor announces plan to boost aid for schools

Some education advocates say Charlie Baker?s plan, announced Saturday, doesn?t come close to providing the cash that?s needed.

Protests and President Trump

Yvonne Abraham

In protest marches, a chance to see hope and a way forward

?Action is an antidote for despair,? said Grace Gregor, 70, of Boston.

// In Boston, protesters make their voices heard

As protesters took over D.C. Saturday, an estimated 175,000 people showed up on the Common in solidarity.

Shirley Leung

// Five memorable moments from the Boston Women?s March

It was a march to remember from political activist Barbara Lee to all the men pretty in pink.

// In D.C., massive crowd shouts protest

?We?re here to say we?re not going to roll over and play dead. We?re going to be visible,? said Vivian Fong.

Opinion | Margery Eagan

// Guilt-free, shame-free empowerment fuels the Women?s March

The women marching in Washington are too powerful, determined, and organized to ever, ever go back.

Joan Vennochi

// Trump (inadvertently) succeeds where Clinton failed

The new president has triggered a massive women?s movement.

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An inaugural speech like ? and so very unlike ? those before it

The Trump inauguration represented a dramatic departure from the status quo, and so, too, did his inaugural address.


// 2 days in D.C. illuminate America?s political chasm

Friday and Saturday put on display the deep wounds that were broken open by the election, which show no signs of healing soon.


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Opinion & Ideas

Opinion | Stephen Kinzer

// How Boston fought the empire

When the United States turned to foreign conquest, the cradle of liberty rebelled.

Special reports

// As Obama departs, black youth question place in Trump?s America

As President Obama leaves office, a generation of black youth confront the paradox of his historic ascension and the start of the Trump era.

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The Desperate and the Dead | Part 7

// The San Antonio solution

One Texas city took on mental health as a community and became a national model. Why can?t Mass. do the same?

The story behind ?Spotlight?

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.