Trump won?t commit to accepting election

Donald Trump said he?d ?look at it at the time? when asked if he would accept the results of the election.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spoke during the debate.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spoke during the debate.

Moderator Chris Wallace was seen during the final debate.


Moderator Chris Wallace was seen during the final debate.

The candidates did not shake hands during the debate.


The candidates did not shake hands during the debate.


// Surprise! This was a real debate.

The dialogue focused on a range of issues and showed how the candidates have basic differences on some topics.

// Fact checking the final presidential debate

Here are the candidates? statements made during Wednesday?s debate, and how they stack up to the facts.


// Trump destroys himself

Donald Trump opened the curtain on the true nature of his mental processes.

// N.H. voters used some colorful language to describe the presidential candidates

Respondents to a WMUR/University of New Hampshire survey let loose when asked to describe the presidential candidates.

Dan Wasserman

//[1] Live-sketching the final debate

Dan Wasserman is sketching the final presidential debate of 2016. Follow along.

// Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton a ?nasty woman? during debate

Donald Trump said during the final debate that Hillary Clinton is ??such a nasty woman,?? and people across the US took notice.

// Pundits agree Trump lost, but don?t say Clinton won

Most pundits agree: Clinton may not have won new voters, but Trump failed to save his flailing candidacy

Seabrook, NH--2/9/2016--Voters cast their ballots in Seabrook's only polling location, at the Seabrook Community Center (cq), on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff Topic: 10nhvoter Reporter: XXX

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff/file

hiawatha bray | tech lab

Russians can?t hack the US election, but they could warp it

Hackers can?t get into our voting machines and outright change results, although they can interfere with the process in other ways.

// His mother was executed as a Russian spy. Now he?s seeking her exoneration

Michael and Robert Meeropol are citing new evidence that Ethel Rosenberg did not seek to pass evidence to the Soviets in sensational Cold War case.

Yvonne Abraham

// Laughable arguments against legalizing marijuana

A new TV ad from opponents of Question 4 shows a world that is a scary place. But also not a real one.

// Iconic Citgo sign in Kenmore Square may be protected

A draft report by the Boston Landmarks Commission would restrict any new owner?s ability to make drastic changes to the shape or views of the iconic sign.

// Among state lawmakers, compassionate release of inmates is divisive issue

A program for compassionate release of state inmates who are elderly and severely ill has stalled because of politics.

13-year-old boy is shot in Chelsea

A 13-year-old boy was in stable condition after being shot near the Bunker Hill Community College campus.

// A charter success story, dreaming of a sequel

As voters consider a ballot question that would lift Massachusetts? cap on charter schools, parents like Janelle Smith see an opportunity.

?Hamilton?s America? filmed at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.

Joan Marcus

Television Review

?Hamilton?s America? goes behind the scenes of a musical blockbuster

A PBS documentary offers glimpses into creative process of Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of ?Hamilton.??


// Amy Schumer responds to fans who left her Tampa show

The comedian promised not to call Donald Trump ?an orange, sexually assaulting, fake-college-starting monster? ever again.

// Biden makes his pitch for a ?moonshot? against cancer

Vice President Joe Biden said the fight against cancer needs to tap into the potential curative powers of advanced research and technology.

// Family of slain Danvers teacher sues town, schools

Colleen Ritzer?s family filed suit against the town, its school department, and a cleaning company whose workers washed away potential evidence.

// His online romances were allegedly part of $350,000 scheme

A N.H. man is accused of bilking women he met online as well as other victims of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Fatal cat virus outbreak is detected in Mattapan

Several cats that were reported to be sick with panleukopenia, also known as feline distemper, a possibly fatal and highly infectious virus.


// Why can?t Brady answer the ?locker room talk? question?

Here are some thoughts on the QB?s silence, John Farrell, Curt Schilling, and other matters . . .

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The desperate and the dead

// The broken covenant

Behind the fragmented state of mental health care lies a political system failure that spans decades ? and continues.

The Big Picture

Bryan Denton/The New York Times

Big Picture

The battle to recapture Mosul

Iraqi and Kurdish forces have begun a military offensive to take back the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul.

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