Trump?s momentum appears stalled in Wisconsin

Donald Trump is confronting cracks in his campaign ? much of it damage of his own doing in the past week.

Winning Wisconsin is essential to US Senator Bernie Sanders? campaign.

Darren Hauck/Getty Images

Why Wisconsin?s primary could pack a punch

Winning Wisconsin?s primary on Tuesday is not so much about the delegate count, but rather the momentum it could induce.

Rosario Dawson tells Hillary Clinton: ?Shame on you?

At a rally for Bernie Sanders in the Bronx, the actress offered strong words to Hillary Clinton for comments she made Thursday.

shirley leung

// Women?s soccer complaint resonates far beyond the field

Mark your calendars, because today is the day that the wage gap should become an issue not for a few but for the many.

Women wearing t-shirts that read, ?Close the academic gap. Lift the Charter School cap.? lean over a balcony at the State House Thursday.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

New charter schools bill faces long odds

Voters should get ready for a high-profile ballot fight over charter schools this fall.

// State Police being armed with Tasers

The Massachusetts State Police are widely distributing the non-lethal weapons in hopes of preventing fatal shootings by officers.

City Councilor backs Hwang in Senate race

Diana Hwang, 34, is one of several candidates vying to replace former state senator Anthony Petruccelli.

Mailboxes at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Yoon S. Byun for The Boston Globe

At Bates College, student mailboxes are shutting for good

In the decades before cell phones or even dormitory room land lines, letters linked students to the outside world.

// US backs MIT-led research into wearable devices

The federal government has pledged $75 million to the research effort over five years.

Adrian Walker

// Chelsea charter program that taught struggling kids reaches a milestone

The first Phoenix Charter Academy was founded in Chelsea 10 years ago as an alternative school for young people who had struggled elsewhere.

// Boston ordered to revise regulations on taxis, ride-hailing services

A federal judge gave Mayor Martin J. Walsh?s administration six months to update its rules.

Art Review

//[1]-1648.jpg Art in ?Megacities Asia? at MFA evokes life in cities of 10 million or more

?Megacities Asia,? a new exhibition that exceeds the bounds of the Museum of Fine Arts, conveys complicated messages about modern urban life.

Bobcats grow up to 20 pounds.

Fish and wildlife service

Plan to hunt bobcats divides N.H.

The plan to allow as many as 50 bobcats to be trapped or killed has drawn an outcry, unusual in a state with a pro-hunting reputation.


// Jessica Mendoza prepared to call it as she sees it

The former softball star can?t wait to join the crew in the booth for Sunday Night Baseball.


// Trail Blazers rally to get by Celtics

Portland erased 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter, then held off Boston to win.

Ground Game

// Why Wisconsin?s primary could pack a punch

Winning Wisconsin?s primary on Tuesday is not so much about the delegate count, but rather the momentum it could induce.

The Big Picture

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

InfraRed Sox

The Globe?s Stan Grossfeld traveled to spring training at JetBlue Park in Florida to take a look at the Sox in a different light.


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Kerstin Anderson (background) plays Maria in ?The Sound of Music.??

Stage Review

As Maria, newcomer glows in ?The Sound of Music?

Even the river of syrup coursing through ?The Sound of Music?? can?t obscure the glow given off by Kerstin Anderson, who plays the free-spirited Maria.

Globe investigations

//[1].jpg Key reports from Globe?s Spotlight team on clergy sex abuse

The Boston Globe?s 2001-2002 investigation into sexual abuses by clergy in the Catholic Church resulted in more than 600 stories.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.


scott kirsner | innovation economy

// Making movies the ?Moneyball? way

The Boston office of Legendary Entertainment crunches ?big data? to help the film studio make key decisions, from casting to marketing.


John Allen Jr. | All Things Catholic

// A guide to decoding Catholic reaction to Pope Francis

Pope Francis is massively popular around the world, but somewhat divisive inside the church itself.

Design New England

// Circular Sensation

In the latest issue of Design New England, a one-of-a-kind design combines aesthetics and functionality for harmonious living.