Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia  testified before the House Judiciary Committee?s Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee in May 2010.

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Justice Scalia?s elegant and acidic opinions inspired a movement of legal thinkers and ignited liberal critics.


// GOP demands threaten US Supreme Court?s integrity

Republicans? ultimatum that President Obama not appoint a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia would constitute court-packing in reverse.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

// What does Antonin Scalia?s death mean for Supreme Court, US politics?

Without Scalia?s distinctive conservative weight, several of this term?s highest-profile cases are likely to turn in a new direction.

// Wind chill warning is issued as deep freeze hits in Mass.

Wind chills below zero are forecast overnight and into Sunday.

Grammy Awards | Monday, 8 p.m. (CBS)

// Who will take home the Grammy Gold?

Sarah Rodman predicts who might win ? and who should win.

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Ideas | Kelly Kasulis

Asian Barbie?s evolution wasn?t intelligently designed

Last month, Mattel announced a new collection of Barbie body types, but for all the good intentions, some of the changes miss the mark.

Hanley Ramirez and Cam Newton.


Let?s ease up on Hanley Ramirez, and pile on Cam Newton

How did Hanley become the poster child for everything that was wrong with the Red Sox? And where do we start with Cam?

Bob Ryan

// While the NBA has four true contenders, the NCAA is up for grabs

Unlike the pro circuit, where only four elite teams have a shot at the title, the college game is wide open.

Tom Brady spoke after the Patriots? loss in the AFC title game in Denver on Jan. 24.)

Tom Brady gets 4 write-in votes in N.H. primaries

Brady received two votes in the Democratic primary, and two in the Republican primary.

Candidates mingled on stage Saturday at the conclusion of the debate.

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GOP Debate

Presidential hopefuls focus on personal attacks, court seat

Saturday night?s raucous debate featured harshly personal jousting over immigration and foreign policy.

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// Movies to fall in love over ? or not

Ty Burr hears from family and friends about films used to put a potential significant other to the test.

Pinball wizards bring intensity at state championships

Sixteen people battled Saturday for the right to be named the state?s premier pinball player.

Aisling Brady McCarthy departed Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn on July 30, 2015.


Lawsuit against nanny may force harsh details to surface

The story of Rehma Sabir, the 1-year-old Cambridge girl who died three years ago, was tragic. Now it could get ugly.

// Officials complete inspection of roadway covers

Crews looked at more than 900 covers and grates after a manhole cover smashed through a windshield and killed a driver Friday.

Three people died and dozens were injured in a pileup Saturday morning on Interstate 78 about 75 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

James Robinson/

At least 3 dead, scores injured after huge Pa. pileup

Some witnesses said that sudden whiteout conditions blanketed the interstate before the crash.

Lowell police seek driver of truck that hit 15-year-old

It appeared that the driver deliberately struck the boy, witnesses said.


// Who are the top franchise tag candidates across the NFL?

Franchise tags and transition tags will affect what happens in free agency


// A comprehensive ranking of all 30 major league managers

The opinions are based on track record, as well as last year?s success or failure.

Ground Game

// Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton spar over Obama?s legacy

President Obama?s name was mentioned 33 times during the debate, the first since Sanders trounced Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.

The Big Picture

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Winter white

Across the globe, snow blankets the landscape, giving photographers a new perspective on their surroundings.

Globe investigations

// Globe investigations and Spotlight reports

A look at high-impact investigations from The Boston Globe, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning report on abuse in the Catholic Church.



// RunKeeper acquired by ASICS for $85m

One of Boston?s original mobile success stories is now part of a big sports-apparel company.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.



// Pope dons sombrero as he travels to Mexico

A Mexican journalist presented Pope Francis with a traditional hat as the pontiff departed from the Vatican Friday.

Globe Insiders

Design New England

// Immersed in the View

A seaside location sets the tone for a free-flowing master bathroom with partitions and angles ? but no doors to restrict sightlines.