AG warns maker on hepatitis drug costs

Maura Healey warned the company it faces possible legal action unless it lowers the price of two popular hepatitis C medicines.

An architectural rendering of the proposed Wynn casino in Everett.


Walsh, Wynn strike deal on Everett casino

Boston will drop its lawsuits aimed at stopping Wynn Resorts in exchange for an extra $400,000 a year in compensation and other payments.

// With big gains, Sanders shows tactical ability

Bernie Sanders may be decrying politics as usual, but he?s also picked up tricks of the trade during his 25 years in Washington.

// Boosts, curbs in Baker?s $39.6 billion budget

The overwhelming thrust of Governor Baker?s budget was a faith that state agencies would become more effective and efficient.

Don Chiofaro?s most recent plan for the site calls for a 600-foot tower and a second, slightly shorter one (seen at center).


BRA won?t budge on size of Chiofaro towers

The developer has indicated he needs the more sizable project to cover the complex undertaking of building near the waterfront.

// Nearly 30% of T employees earned $100,000 or more

The T?s employee pay data for all of 2015 also shows that the highest-paid employee made an additional $12,295 over the last month.

// Man admits to murdering woman, dumping body in 2004

?When you kill a person or take them from a family you kill the entire family,? the victim?s mother wrote in an impact statement.

// Three more linked to Oregon occupation arrested

FBI officials also said they were working around the clock to empty the refuge of armed occupiers in the safest way possible.

// Greek coast guard says 11 people, mostly children, drown

Another boat sank off the island of Kos on Wednesday, leaving seven dead, including two children.

Man stabbed estranged wife to death in Norton, officials say

After the stabbing, police say Martin McDonald allegedly drove his truck into oncoming traffic, seriously injuring another driver.

Marathon bombing survivors Sydney Corcoran (foreground) and her mother, Celeste, do pilates under the supervision of instructor Julie Erickson at the Endurance Pilates and Yoga Studio.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Sydney Corcoran?s journey back to health

The 20-year-old Marathon bombing survivor has fought to survive her health issues ? and discovered a new career along the way.

// Volunteers tally number of homeless on Boston?s streets

Boston conducted its annual census of homeless people and will use the information to assess the need for housing and treatment services.

DUXBURY MA - 5/06/2015: A mother and calf side by side. Aerial view of WHALES feeding off the shores of Duxbury Beach. There were groups of the North Atlantic right whales swimming off shore. The critically endangered animals are making a comeback since they were nearly hunted to extinction a century ago. They are also making a habit of appearing off the local coastline in the spring. The whales feed on copepods by opening their mouths as they swim through masses of the tiny, but fat-rich, creatures. (David L Ryan/Globe Staff Photo) SECTION: METRO TOPIC

US expands key zone for rare North Atlantic right whales

Experts say that only about 520 of the whales are alive today, a direct result of them being hunted for their blubber.

Opinion | Christine Lagarde

// Equality is key to global economic growth

Dealing with the ?marcro-critical? issues of the world economy is essential to boosting growth that is both durable and inclusive.

// Affordable, walkable neighborhoods with good schools are rare

??Cities have not kept up with consumer tastes,?? said Nela Richardson, Redfin?s chief economist.

// North Station area redevelopment underway

Boston Properties and Delaware North officially launched construction of a massive new complex on Causeway Street in front of TD Garden.

Yvonne Abraham

After 30 years, a prisoner gets a chance for justice

George Perrot was tied to a 1985 rape of a Springfield woman by an FBI analysis of a strand of hair, a method that is now widely discredited.

// New voice at Challenger astronauts? memorial

It?s been 30 years since the Challenger explosion, but for the seven astronauts? loved ones, Jan. 28, 1986, remains fresh in their minds.

Matthew Gilbert

// Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson: Colorblind, or just plain tone-deaf?

In 2016, a white actor is going to play a black superstar, arguably the world?s most famous black entertainer?

TechLab | BetaBoston

// In Minsky?s wake, machines get smarter

If history had gone Marvin Minsky?s way, he might have spent his last days in the care of medical robots.

Tom Brady spoke to the press after the Patriots were defeated by the Broncos on Sunday.

Tom Brady shares handwritten note thanking fans

?I?m proud to call New England my home and to have the privilege of playing for your team,? Brady wrote in his letter.

Ground Game

ground game

// How Tuesday night encapsulated the 2016 campaign

For those who follow the presidential campaign?s every turn, last night could have caused some whiplash.

Globe investigations

// Globe investigations and Spotlight reports

A look at high-impact investigations from The Boston Globe, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning report on abuse in the Catholic Church.

The Big Picture

Jake May/The Flint via AP

Water crisis in Flint, Mich.

Thousands of residents in Michigan have been exposed to toxic amounts of lead, including about 9,000 children.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

// Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.



// 4-D printing creates objects that can adapt

The eventual applications could include smart fabrics that change their weave.



// Pope Francis meets Iranian leader to discuss Middle East

The meeting marked the first time ranian President Hassan Rouhani has visited the West since a landmark nuclear agreement with Iran last year.

The Globe Collection Promo

Globe Insiders

Design New England

// Home Sweets Home

Interior designer Holly Joe cooks up the love in her sophisticated yet cozy family house in Westwood.