Specter of immigration raids jolts immigrants

Protesters held a vigil at the State House against Department of Homeland Security policies targeting illegal immigrants.

John Blanding/Globe Staff

Roundups in the US have frightened immigrants in Mass., but officials say nobody has been detained in New England.

An electronic board showed stock information at a brokerage house in Beijing on Tuesday.

China stocks plunge, triggering another market halt

Chinese stock trading was suspended for the second time this week when shares dropped more than 7 percent.

John McCain captured the 2000 Republican primary over George W. Bush, the party favorite and the son of a president.

N.H. voters may again go for the outsiders

A large number of independents have contributed to the victories of insurgents in New Hampshire.

Drug offense law may change

Lawmakers voted to repeal a state law requiring a driver?s license suspension for those convicted of drug crimes that have nothing to do with driving.

Panel orders police recruit reinstated

A commission found the department imposed ?harsher discipline? on minority recruits than white ones.

Brookline Town Hall was packed Tuesday night as residents spoke about the racial climate in town.

Ellen Ishkanian

Brookline officers refuse to work pending racial probe

Residents urged selectmen to grant the two officers paid leave until an investigation of the police department?s racial climate is complete.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/06/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/b6790523cf5e4195ae1b219555b76d47-f7cc05af73514968aa05503c6a0308c9-0.jpg FBI still believes mobster knows about art theft

Last year, Robert Gentile offered to sell the paintings to an undercover FBI agent posing as a drug dealer for $500,000 apiece.

Jamaica Plain man pleads guilty to South End killing

Johnnie Bonnie pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the murder of 17-year-old Evens Archer in June 2014.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/06/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/rachelle-bond200-9554.jpg Bella Bond?s mother pleads not guilty

New, grim details in the case emerged Wednesday as Rachelle Bond appeared in court for the first time since being indicted.

Boston and Mass. press bid for General Electric headquarters

Officials worked throughout the holiday period to lure GE to the Seaport District.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suffered a high ankle sprain in the recent loss to Miami. Counterpart Peyton Manning (right) has been sidelined by a torn plantar fascia.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

A step-by-step look into football?s foot travails

Several key players, including Tom Brady, have contended with feet and ankle injuries this NFL season.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/07/BostonGlobe.com/Sports/Images/c0746f5430ba4b3e939162e6a67a31d4-c0746f5430ba4b3e939162e6a67a31d4-0.jpg Clemens, Bonds still have a ways to go with Hall of Fame voters

Clemens would need 131 more votes and Bonds 135 more votes. Seems daunting.

FILE - In this Feb. 21, 2009, file photo, Seattle Mariners outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. smiles while talking to the media during a news conference in Peoria, Ariz. Ken Griffey Jr. appears to be a certain first-ballot electee for the Hall of Fame when voting is announced Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)

Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Piazza elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Griffey set a record for percentage of votes with more than 99 percent, passing Tom Seaver?s 98.84 in 1992.

Boston City Hall.

Yvonne Abraham

City Hall not open to all, lawyer?s rise suggests

It?s hard to believe Mayor Marty Walsh?s claim that fast-rising lawyer Sean O?Donovan isn?t getting special treatment.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/06/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/IMG_7356A.jpg Appliances getting smart enough to keep the household humming

After seeing the latest offerings at CES, it?s almost time to start taking computer-controlled appliances seriously.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/06/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/151117_KDB_HOUSEOFWEEK_014-5483.jpg Boston area rents grow at fastest clip in at least six years

The average rent for an apartment is now $2,009 a month, according to new data out Wednesday.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/07/BostonGlobe.com/Sports/Images/Gasper.jpg NFL should expand playoffs to 14 teams

Adding two more teams would sweeten the pot for owners (more money) and fans (more games).

Matthew Hoffman made this rendeing of his vision for the new Greenway installation, called ?May This Never End.?

Matthew Hoffman

Words on Greenway fence showcase power of language

?Unlike the memorials, today?s public art is really about the individual experience of the viewer, but it?s also a collective experience.?

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/07/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/da0f827cf3d34a118e69fc217d60ab4b-ef67cfba353b4428b98146881573040c-0.jpg ?Furious 7,? ?Big Bang Theory? win at People?s Choice Awards

??Furious 7?? was named favorite movie, ??The Big Bang Theory?? won top TV show, and Ellen DeGeneres set a record.

Donald Trump showed off recent poll numbers during a campaign stop in Claremont, N.H.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

Donald Trump is no Howard Dean

There is simply no precedent where a candidate with a lead this large and durable falls in the final stretch.

Neighbors have complained about the temporary carport erected in the driveway of Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola?s historic Colonial home in the upscale College Hill neighborhood in Providence, R.I.

Danny Amendola?s carport irks neighbors

The wide receiver erected the temporary metal structure so that he can get to practice on time in a snowstorm.

Toy and replica guns confiscated by police were on display during a news conference held by members of the Bosotn clergy in July, 2015.

After Tamir Rice, push in Mass. for markings on fake guns

A bill that would mandate BB guns, air rifles, and all imitation firearms bear large orange markings is scheduled for a State House hearing on Thursday.

The village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Conn.

Fla. college fires professor who says Sandy Hook was a hoax

Florida Atlantic University has fired a professor who claimed the massacre was designed to pass gun-control legislation.

Letter from the publisher

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We recognize that you depend on us, and that we?ve let you down. We?re working around the clock to solve this.

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Ground Game

ground game

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/06/BostonGlobe.com/Politics/Images/2016-01-06T151142Z_1403480227_TM3EC160S6W01_RTRMADP_3_NORTHKOREA-NUCLEAR-USA-CANDIDATES-188--90x90.jpg Will anger trump electability in the primaries?

With about a month to go before the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, there is an emerging political dynamic in both sides.

Globe investigations

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/11/18/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/spotlight150x150-165.jpg Globe investigations and Spotlight reports

A look at high-impact investigations from The Boston Globe, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning report on abuse in the Catholic Church.

The Big Picture

 Cats crowd the harbor on Aoshima Island in the Ehime prefecture in southern Japan, Feb. 25. An army of cats rules the remote island in southern Japan, curling up in abandoned houses or strutting about in a fishing village that is overrun with felines outnumbering humans six to one. (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

Thomas Peter/Reuters

The Big picture

The year 2015 in pictures: Animals

A selection of some of the best animal images from photographers around the world.

The story behind 'Spotlight'

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/11/18/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/spotlight-9497.jpg Boston Globe coverage and the movie ?Spotlight?

?Spotlight? is based on the stories and the reporters behind the investigation of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.


betaboston | tech lab

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2015/12/31/BostonGlobe.com/Business/Images/Hiawatha-Bray-5753.jpg Dear FCC: Don?t fight Internet freebies

The FCC is casting a suspicious gaze on some US telecom firms that are handing out free Internet bandwidth to their customers.



//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2016/01/05/BostonGlobe.com/Foreign/Images/Francesca-Chaouqui.jpg Woman at heart of Vatileaks 2.0 sees herself as martyr for reform

Francesca Chaouqui believes she?s been a target since being named to a reform panel independent of the Vatican bureaucracy.