Recalling Fred Thompson?s unlikely story

Thompson was seen at a John McCain campaign rally in Nov. 2008.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Thompson, who died Sunday, rose against seemingly impossible odds to become a candidate for president, US senator, and actor.

At Olmsted Place on South Huntington Avenue. studios start at $2,600.

Jamaica Plain apartments going upscale ? for a price

Olmsted Place is the first of three luxury buildings planned in a changing area.

Restored Newport mansion hits market for $7.9m

Oil company executive Jay Wilson and his wife, Brenda, spent millions to restore a Newport, R.I., mansion.

// Federal judge orders seizure of Nova Star ferry

The ferry that runs between Maine and Nova Scotia was seized after a Portland company claimed it?s owed more than $200,000.

Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan?s chances in the rematch against the Patriots? Like his waistline, slim.


Should fans root for a perfect Patriots season?

To go 16-0 or not to go 16-0, that is the question facing the Patriots.


// Unvaccinated babies refused by some doctors

A new survey finds that one in five pediatricians regularly turns away families who won?t get their infants vaccinated.

The Royals celebrated after winning the franchise?s first World Series since 1985.



The Royals are the people?s champions

The Royals fought back ? again ? Sunday night to win the World Series in five games.

opinion | Trish Karter

// Deciding on abortion

Trish Karter writes that she?s hopeful elected leaders will pause to listen.

Survival guide for running and biking in the dark

Adding reflective stripes to your joints is one way to tell drivers you are a moving person, not a stationary object.

// First wave of early prison releases begins

More than 90 people from Mass. had their drug sentences reduced recently, and dozens are slated to be released as early as this week.


// Constant Contact sold to Burlington company for $1.1b

Endurance International, which offers web-hosting services, is spending $1.1 billion to buy the e-mail marketing company.

Group wants hundreds of millions in new K-12 spending

A bi-partisan commission of lawmakers and educators calls properly attending to vulnerable student populations a ?moral? responsibility.

// Shire to buy Burlington biotech Dyax for $6 billion

Shire, which has a major campus in Lexington, said the buyout would not interfere with its pursuit of Baxalta Inc.

// Story about razor found in Halloween candy fabricated, police say

Auburn police said an 11-year-old who told her mother she found a razor in her Halloween candy Saturday night made the story up.


// Vatican detains 2 over alleged links to leaked documents

Two new blockbuster books containing leaked documents about the Vatican?s internal financial operations are set for release in the next few days.

// Technical issue not behind plane?s crash, Russian official says

The official said the cause of the crash, which killed 224 people, ?could only have been an external impact on the plane?? in the air.

Everett's Marvens Fedna ran for a 1st quarter carry on Satuday in the game against St. John?s Prep.

John Tlumacki/Globe staff

Police search for suspect in Everett High football player?s stabbing

Marvens Fedna, who was attacked early Sunday, is a ?great kid,? Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria said.

Geico turns to civil suits in bid to fight fraud

Defense lawyers complain the tactic is aimed at avoiding medical claims from clinics in lower-income neighborhoods.

Opinion & Ideas

Julie Burros

// The next act for Boston?s theater scene

What we see is an opportunity to think about the needs of that sector, and start working toward some great solutions.

Ground Game

Ground Game

// Who is rooting for Jeb Bush?

Bush is right that Americans love a good comeback story, but only if they see a candidate they can root for.

The Big Picture

Globe photos of the month, October 2015

A look at some of the best images taken by Globe photographers last month, including fall colors, presidential candidates, and other events.



// Boston?s newest Uber driver? Kayak co-founder Paul English

English is using his all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S P85, an electric car with a base price of $105,000.


JOHN L. ALLEN JR. | all things catholic

// Religious context of Russia?s move in Syria overlooked

It?s increasingly common among the Christians of the Middle East to say that only Russia seems to be taking its responsibility seriously.