For Plainville casino, slots revenue keeps sliding


Plainridge?s daily revenue per machine was $280 in September, down from $390 in July and $330 in August.

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// Do we need to tip?

At stake is something more than the tip-giving habits of American diners.


Nevada orders fantasy sports sites to shut down

The regulator of the nation?s gambling mecca ordered companies like DraftKings and FanDuel to obtain licenses to continue operating.

Thomas M. Finneran has not collected since 2007.

Finneran stands to collect $225,000 in back payments

The State Board of Retirement will take up the issue behind closed doors at its regular meeting on Oct. 29.

// Waterfront parcel draws strong interest from potential bidders

Massport has seen wide interest in the thirty-acre South Boston site, despite a restriction that it be mostly reserved for marine industrial work.

Some in Brookline squawking over cockatoo on the lam

When a puffy white cockatoo escaped, he went straight to one of the toniest streets in Brookline and got to work terrorizing residents.

// Facing epidemic, Baker seeks to limit opioid prescriptions

The governor?s proposal would place new restrictions on how many painkillers doctors and dentists can prescribe to a patient.

Jon and Maryellen Rogers, spokespeople, Friends of St. Frances X. Cabrini after a press conference was held in the church lobby to address the Appeals Court Ruling in the case.

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Scituate parishioners call on O?Malley to reverse closure plans

A day after an appeals court ruled that the parishioners holding a vigil are trespassers, the group is still considering its legal options.

// 80-year-old marijuana dealer pleads guilty in federal court

Under a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Marshall Herbert Dion could serve 5 to 7 years in federal prison.

//[1]-1592--90x90.jpg Trump machine whirring on endless media exposure

The Republican presidential frontrunner is everywhere, all the time ? with little expense from his campaign.

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// Bernie Sanders has critics, but few enemies, in Vt.

Sanders? secret? Consistency.


// Sanders rejects donation from drug company CEO

Martin Shkreli of Turing Pharmaceuticals has drawn criticism for dramatically increasing the price of a drug for parasitic infections.

Performers at the Medieval Manor in Boston in 1995.

Boston icon Medieval Manor to close

The South End restaurant and performance theater will close after 43 years because the business is losing money.

An MBTA train before the ban on alcohol advertisements three years ago.

Wendy Maeda/globe staff/file 2004

Kitty Dukakis

Don?t lift the ban on liquor ads on the T

Let?s not make the T a vehicle for encouraging more young people to spend their time and money on booze.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has missed the last two games because of a right shoulder injury.

Colts? Andrew Luck off to a slow start

The Colts are 3-2 entering Sunday?s showdown, but Luck isn?t the reason for the winning record.

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// Need help making it in Boston? Try some free advice on wheels

The UberMentor concept is simple: Get coaching, pitch an idea, or collect wisdom ? all from a stranger in the back seat of an Uber.

// Bertha Hartry, a Cambridge archivist and women?s rights activist, dies at 85

Ms. Hartry was an archivist for the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America and a longtime women?s rights activist.

The Big Picture

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The Big Picture

Hot-air balloon festivals

A look at some of the 2015 balloonist gatherings around the globe.


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// With Moments, we all might use Twitter

Two-thirds of registered Twitter users don?t actually use it. For them, Twitter has designed ?Moments.?


// What did pope?s mea culpa mean? Take your pick of scandals

When the pope asked for forgiveness, he left everyone free to speculate on which scandals he had in mind.