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?The NFL handed this case to the union on a silver platter?

One significant misstep by the NFL would have been enough to vacate Tom Brady?s suspension. Instead, a judge found three.

// Patriots players take silent route on Tom Brady?s return

Even for a team known for saying very little publicly, the Patriots were especially mum Thursday night.

//[1].jpg From courts to classrooms, fans relish another comeback win

Patriots fans, who never once doubted their hero, celebrated Judge Berman?s ruling as a restoration of the rightful order in the NFL.

Giants 12, Patriots 9

// With Tom Brady out of sight, Patriots fall to Giants

Instead of Brady, the fans were treated to the Patriots debut (and likely swansong) of quarterback Ryan Lindley.

Next week, officials will send letters to the affected employees saying their transponders or pass cards will be deactivated on Sept. 11.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

For 600 retirees, a Mass. Pike perk is ending

State officials are ceasing a toll-free benefit for the former employees, saying they had inadvertently continued the practice.

// Ballot question could spur vote on Suffolk Downs casino ? again

Attorney General Maura Healey has certified a proposal to allow a second slots casino to be built at a horse racing track.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Lahey Health are discussing a possible merger.

Rising costs, changing payments driving hospital mergers

These trends have only added to hospitals? urgency to find efficiencies through mergers, analysts said.

High end housing market cooling off

With so many new luxury apartments coming onto the market, landlords are competing for tenants who can afford the high rents.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced she is expecting twins in December.

Shirley Leung

Maternity leave without judgment

Here?s the long and short of maternity leaves: A woman should be able to choose what?s right for her without fear of criticism.

Millis officer may face charges after sparking manhunt

Police said Thursday the officer who claimed he was fired on by a passing pickup truck driver had fabricated the account.

Art Review

//,ChristPreaching,St.Paul.jpg Making the case for the importance of John La Farge

A new exhibition at Boston College showcases La Farge, an artist renowned in his life, and forgotten after his death.

Labor Day weekend may be the busiest stretch of summer at the Clam Box, where owner Chickie Aggelakis (left) supervised as Mackenzie Colbert served.

Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff

Ipswich?s Clam Box booms as summer days fade

Summer without fried clams, after all, would hardly be worthy of the name.

// Image of drowned Syrian boy haunts the world

The photo captures everything we don?t want to see: a vicious civil war, a surge of refugees, the death of an innocent.

Harvard Square water main break could snarl traffic through the weekend

A major water main break in Cambridge could complicate traffic in and around Harvard Square into Sunday, a police spokesman said.

Ground Game

// Ted Cruz sells himself as antiestablishment candidate

The US senator from Texas stopped in N.H. on Monday to open his campaign office in Manchester.

Opinion & Ideas

Renée Graham

// Kim Davis follows the footsteps of George Wallace

This uncivil civil servant isn?t a religious freedom fighter. She?s a homophobe, pure and simple.

The Big Picture

Valdrin Xhemaj/EPA

Migrant crisis in Europe

A record number of migrants, most of them refugees fleeing war and crisis in the Mideast and Africa, are seeking asylum in Europe.


// Friendly?s visionary inspires at Techstars

The 100-year-old did not let a 17-foot fall or swarm of bees keep him from the tech showcase.


// Where Pope Francis stands on gays, divorce, abortion

Pope Francis is expected to raise a range of issues when he visits Cuba and the United States Sept. 19-27.


Love Letters

She?s stringing him along

I asked her on multiple occasions if she would date me exclusively, and she claimed that while it was easy and convenient to do, she wasn?t interested but never fully explained why.