Death toll mounts for bicyclists on Boston?s streets

The Massachusetts Avenue and Beacon Street intersection might benefit from eliminating a lane, cycling advocates say.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

At least 13 people have been killed while bicycling on city streets in the last five years, ranging in age from 8 to 74.

Dartmouth town officials get new cars ? luxury BMWs

The officials determined that the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly rides for them would be the BMW i3.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Next winter won?t be as bad ? if forecasters are right

Temperatures will be milder, and the amount of snowfall should fall within historical averages, meteorologists said.

Nursing home workers allegedly posted humiliating videos

The videos of elderly patients included one of an 86-year-old who is asked about her sex life and if she smoked marijuana.

Lowell teen dies after fall while hiking in N.H.

Julia Hassan, 17, had been hiking with a group of friends, several of whom ran about 4 miles after the fall to get help.

// Jamaica Plain liquor store is accused of racial profiling

A Boston professor is pursuing a complaint against the store after staff wrongly pointed him out as the suspect in an earlier theft.

// Steve Wynn must deal with Boston, Mayor Walsh says

Walsh said that if Wynn had a problem with Walsh, then he had a problem ?with the people of Boston.?


// Is DCF better or worse off than a year ago?

In the wake of the Hardwick case, are there any signs of improvement in the state?s Department of Children and Families?

Tom Brady Deflategate hearing

Tom Brady arrived at federal court on Wednesday in New York City.

Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

What can we expect from the Deflategate hearing today?

The NFL and Tom Brady have refused to back down on Deflategate. Now a federal judge will try to bridge the gap.


// Why didn?t the NFL correct the ESPN report on Deflategate?

The NFL still has not given a reason for why it didn?t correct that false report, and Roger Goodell evaded the question Tuesday.

Nick Cafardo | On Baseball

// Should Joe Kelly replace Red Sox closer Koji Uehara?

While there are no guarantees Kelly would succeed, now is the time to find out.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Cheap Eats

In the North End, a cozy new spot caters to locals

Rina?s Pizzeria & Cafe, a 10-seat spot with bubbling pies coming out of a red gas oven, is a friendly spot with wonderful food.

// Restaurants, struggling to find workers, get creative in hiring

Some owners are offering to help find affordable housing for employees or giving up-and-coming chefs the creative reins.

Susan Lombardi-Verticelli in her home?s finished basement, where work was done under an at-risk permit.

Why use an ?at-risk? permit to build a home addition?

The answer lies in the baffling, Byzantine process by which the city of Boston issues construction permits, say property owners.

// Four couples share a wedding date, and a golden jubilee

The Swampscott couples were married on the same summer day: Aug. 15, 1965, a discovery they made only after becoming friends.

// Older office buildings drawing higher rents

Appreciated for their classic details, rents at these low-rise buildings are now on par with the lower floors of Class A towers.

Ground Game

// Trump?s shots stoking anger in N.H. GOP women

In N.H., home to the nation?s first primary, the state?s leading Republican women called Trump?s comments improper.

Opinion & Ideas

Padraig O?Malley

// A two-state solution is dead

The 2014 war in Gaza changed the calculus of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Big Picture

Amarion Allen, 11-years-old stands in front of a police line shortly before shots were fired in a police-officer involved shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, on Sunday.

Rick Wilking/REUTERS

Ferguson one year later

Demonstrators returned to Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere in the St. Louis area one year after the death of Michael Brown.



// Verizon tests ultra-fast Internet in Framingham

The company could increase data speeds to 40 or even 80 gigabits per second.


Crux | Commentary

// Donald Trump has a Pope Francis problem

The values, attitude, and policies of the GOP frontrunner stand in profound contrast to the 78-year-old Argentinian pontiff.