Boston accidents have claimed 13 cyclists in 5 years

The Massachusetts Avenue and Beacon Street intersection might benefit from eliminating a lane, cycling advocates say.

Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Boston?s bicyclists navigate a dangerous landscape ? barely any of which was built with them in mind.

// Walsh fires back at Wynn over planned Everett casino

Mayor Martin Walsh on Tuesday said that if Steve Wynn had a problem with Walsh, then he had a problem ?with the people of Boston.?

// Jamaica Plain liquor store is accused of racial profiling

A Boston professor is pursuing a complaint against the store after staff wrongly pointed him out as the suspect in an earlier theft.

Hillary Clinton was at an event at Exeter High School in New Hampshire on Monday.

Clinton criticized for being vague on policy issues

Hillary Clinton devours briefing books and consults with hundreds of experts but has been slow to weigh in on big issues of the day.

Susan Lombardi-Verticelli in her home?s finished basement, where work was done under an at-risk permit.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Gambling on the go-ahead

?At-risk? permits can be chancy, as state Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz learned, but homeowners say they are a way around a logjammed system.

// Plane briefly touched down before fatal crash

Officials said they found propeller marks on a Milwaukee runway after the crash that killed Joseph Trustey and his daughter.

Woman raped in hotel garage to get $6.6m, jury rules

The woman was raped in the Boston Radisson Hotel parking garage in May 2009, only 12 days after another woman was raped in the same garage.

Todd Winer (right), owner of Pastoral in the Fort Point neighborhood, has helped some employees find affordable housing, a persistent problem in a city with fast-rising rents.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Employee shortage leaves restaurants vying for help

Some restaurant owners will help find housing for employees or give chefs the creative reins as they search for workers.

Commissioner Roger Goodell answered questions about Deflategate on Tuesday, although his answers didn?t make much sense.


Roger Goodell evasive when asked about Deflategate

He?ll answer whatever he pleases, whether it addresses the question asked of him or not.

Mookie Betts hit an RBI single in the third inning, scoring Jackie Bradley Jr.

Marlins 5, Red Sox 4

Red Sox fall to Marlins in 10 innings

The Red Sox allowed the tying run in the ninth inning en route to blowing a four-run lead.

Globe coverage of the Baby Doe case, in English and Spanish.

// Many leads, few clues in mystery of Deer Island girl

After more than a month trying to identify the little girl left dead, detectives found a clue, a place to start: pollen.

// Lento avance en el caso de la niña Baby Doe de Deer Island

Detectives tratan de identificar el cuerpo de la pequeña encontrada muerta.

Left to right are Linda Greenseid and David Greenseid; Judy Remis andShep Remis; Roz Levy and Sandy Levy; and Phyllis Karas and Jack Karas. The all were married on Aug. 15th, 1965.

A golden jubilee for eight

On Aug. 15, 1965, four couples were married. Years later, they discovered their shared history, which help forged a long friendship.

// Perseids meteor shower to peak this week, and view should be great

A new moon will mean no moonlight, and the meteors could happen at a rate of one per minute overnight Wednesday.

Donald Trump is set to attend a fund-raiser Aug. 28 at the Norwood mansion of Ernie Boch Jr.

Donald Trump to be guest at fund-raiser hosted by Ernie Boch Jr.

Boch is hosting the Aug. 28 event at his Norwood mansion to let listeners hear what Trump has to say.

A brownie sundae with black raspberry ice cream, strawberries, whipped creams & nuts is a popular take-out at Kimball Farm.

Mass. has no top-ranked ice cream shops, TripAdvisor says

A website based in Massachusetts has determined that there are no top ice cream shops here. How can that be?

Ground Game

// Trump?s shots stoking anger in N.H. GOP women

In N.H., home to the nation?s first primary, the state?s leading Republican women called Trump?s comments improper.


Padraig O?Malley

// A two-state solution is dead

The 2014 war in Gaza changed the calculus of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Big Picture

Kimimiasa Mayama/EPA

The Big Picture

70 years after the atomic bombs

The 70th anniversary of the world?s first nuclear attack was marked this week.


// Robot bartenders tap teamwork, algorithms

A team from MIT claims that algorithms and a crew of delivery robots can outdo humans.


Crux | Commentary

// Donald Trump has a Pope Francis problem

The values, attitude, and policies of the GOP frontrunner stand in profound contrast to the 78-year-old Argentinian pontiff.