City seeks private group to run First Night festivities

A VW Bus took part in the First Night parade on Dec. 31.

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff/File

Officials will announce a plan to return the event to a private group that can manage, plan, and operate it.

Boston Marathon bombing trial


// A hole in the middle of these families

What was the government was trying to prove Wednesday? That the Tsarnaevs killed the entire Collier family, a whole way of life.

Sean Collier.

Bombing trial jurors hear of lives cut short

Jurors who will determine whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is put to death openly wept as they listened to testimony from forever-altered families.

// Baker wants new body to oversee transit agency

Governor Baker has proposed the creation of a board to take control of the finances and operations of the MBTA.

// Why did Baker want the MassDOT board out?

There?s been a long debate over how best to align the agenda of the state transit agency with the desires of the governor?s office.

Gary Leonard, Brockton?s Main Street manager, walks past the nearly completed City Hall building. Under Leonard?s watch, vacant storefronts have been cut nearly in half in just nine months.

Rose Lincoln for The Boston Globe

City of Champions trumpets its downtown revival

A new city administration is aggressively pursuing economic development opportunities.

Yvonne Abraham

// On the edge of history for same-sex marriage

On Tuesday, the movement toward marriage that Mary Bonauto and GLAD helped speed up reaches a crucial threshold.

Breathalyzer results in question amid review

State Police are looking into the tests? reliability, prompting Middlesex, Essex, and Cape and Islands prosecutors to suspended their use.

// Auschwitz guard, now 93, describes camp in chilling detail

A former SS sergeant told of how cattle cars full of Jews were brought to the camp, most led directly into gas chambers.

Boston?s bid for 2024 Olympics

From left: Rene Bernal, Dora Sandoval, and Alexander and Dulce Bernal could face a rent increase for  their apartment in Roxbury.

Aram Boghosian for the boston globe

Low-income residents worry about Olympics? repercussions

Advocates for the poor are mobilizing to keep Boston from suffering the fate of past Olympic cities.

Larry Bird (right) is among those who have joined a new 30-member board of directors.

Championship pedigree to join Boston 2024 board

Among the names who will be part of the group overseeing Boston?s Olympic effort: local legends Larry Bird and David Ortiz.

//[1]-8602--90x90.jpg Who?s on the Boston 2024 board?

The list of directors includes Boston civic and sporting luminaries past and present. Get to know the members.

Ty Burr

// For Ben Affleck, lessons from inconvenient truths

Affleck?s efforts to hide a slave-owning ancestor were unsuccessful, demonstrating that the truth will emerge in the Internet era.

Hiawatha Bray | Tech Lab

// Google looks to make waves with wireless effort

Google doesn?t want to turn a profit on Project Fi ? it?s out to make trouble, which could pay off nicely for you.

Problems between Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle and Rajon Rondo surfaced shortly after the guard was dealt to Dallas.



Rajon Rondo was a big failure in the Big D

This is a sad ending to the former Celtics star?s tenure with the Mavericks, and perhaps his status as a valuable NBA player.

Zevart Hagopian?s photos show her parents, survivors of the killings.

Centennial of genocide sharpens grief for local Armenians

The milestone at once sharpens long-held grief while bringing hope for accountability and resolution.

// Elizabeth Warren, business groups at odds on trade pact

The state?s life science and tech sectors consider the deal critical, but the senator wants more environmental and labor protections.


// Did Robert Durst murder Susan Berman?

An envelope saved by Berman may hold the key to the case.

Marathon trial podcast

// Episode 20: Prosecutors continue to make the case for a death sentence

This interactive timeline highlights trial coverage and a podcast featuring Globe columnist Kevin Cullen and WBUR reporter David Boeri.


Ward Sutton

// ?Mad Men? lives on in the real world

Don Draper would recognize most aspects of contemporary society.

The Big Picture

The 2015 Boston Marathon

The running of the world-class Boston Marathon filled the cold and wet streets of the city for the 119th time.