US says Mass. goods relayed to Iran

A Chinese man accused of illegally exporting nuclear production parts to Iran will face federal charges in Boston.

President Barack Obama hosted newly elected governors, including Charlie Baker (far left), at the White House Friday.

Charlie Baker meets with President Obama

The governor-elect said he felt confident about collaborating with an administration more accustomed to Democrats from Mass.

Kinder Morgan, Inc. said the alternative path would follow existing rights-of-way along utility lines, meaning it would cross fewer Massachusetts communities.

Facing opposition, company to reroute gas pipeline

A Houston energy company says it will pursue an alternative route that bypasses many Mass. communities.

Deval Patrick

Governor Patrick eyes job at MIT

As he prepares to leave office in January, the outgoing governor appears to be aiming for a job in academia.

CBS goes dark on Dish Network in standoff over fees

The blackout Friday evening hit millions of Dish subscribers in several major cities, including Boston.


Dozens of New Republic staffers jointly resign

Employees at the acclaimed political journal turned in their resignations to dispute the magazine?s new editorial direction.

Ashton Carter  was nominated  Friday to be the next US defenxe secretary.

Big challenges loom for Ashton Carter at Defense

President Obama?s nominee for defense secretary will have to build consensus amid a sea of security challenges.

// Rolling Stone casts doubt on college gang-rape story

The magazine said there were discrepancies in the account given by a woman in the story, and that ??our trust in her was misplaced.??

Mark Wahlberg has asked the state for a pardon for assaults he committed in 1988.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

As Mark Wahlberg seeks a pardon, some aren?t ready to forgive

To those who remember the havoc Wahlberg wreaked, his request to erase his teenage offenses from the record is infuriating.

Somerville, MA 12/05/14 Protesters stage a

Hundreds of protesters take to Somerville, Cambridge streets

About 600 protesters were blocking major roads Friday night as they demonstrated ?die-ins? in busy Cambridge squares.

Celtics center Tyler Zeller (44) battles for a first-half rebound. Zeller finished with 14 boards. (Barry Chin/Globe Staff)


Celtics blow out Lakers

Tyler Zeller, making his fourth start of the season, finished with 24 points and 14 rebounds.

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant likely won't match Michael Jordan?s haul of six NBA championship rings, but he will pass Jordan for third on the league?s all-time scoring list very soon. Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports


Admire Kobe Bryant while you can

Bryant, in his 19th season, made what will likely be one of his final appearances in Boston on Friday night.


How ?deadbeats? can still be good dads

Child support needs to catch up to reflect new roles for fathers, say experts.

Bill Cosby.

L.A. detectives meeting with possible Bill Cosby victim

The meeting occurred one day after police called on anyone who believed they were victims to come forward.

The last US city to host the Summer Olympics was Atlanta for the 1996 Games.

opinion | David D?Alessandro

Relax about Boston?s Olympic bid

For those filled with anxiety at this juncture of the process, here?s a dose of reality.


The solution to Uber?s PR nightmares could be in Boston

The general manager of the company?s Boston office was impressive during a recent City Council hearing.


Michael A. cohen

// Eric Garner outrage overshadows major reforms

New York City is taking steps to focus on mental health in its justice system, which could serve as a model for other cities.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Rio de Janeiro?s affordable housing crisis

The city is dealing with a housing crisis daily, with about 220,000 people without a proper place to live.