Brown closes in on Shaheen in N.H.

Scott Brown is catching up to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in a Senate race that has become increasingly nasty and expensive.

Seventy percent of unenrolled voters have not yet decided on a candidate.

Capital poll

Coakley holds slim edge over Baker

The Globe poll suggests a race that could tilt in either direction based on the campaigns? maneuvers in the coming weeks.

UMass Amherst students on campus Thursday.

Steps urged at UMass after ?Blarney Blowout? melee

A review said that Amherst should ban the St. Patrick?s Day event after the unruly gathering led to clashes with police.

Man allegedly shoots his daughter, grandkids in Florida

The slain children ranged in age from 3 months to 10 years old, authorities said.

Supporters at a

Results for Scotland independence vote trickle in

Anti-independence won in some areas thought to have a Yes stronghold, but results from Edinburgh and Glasgow were not expected for several hours.

Supporters of the Yes campaign in the Scottish independence referendum cheer with Scottish Saltire flags as they await the result after the polls closed.

Live Updates

From the ground in Scotland

Globe reporter Brian MacQuarrie is in Scotland as voters decide whether to end their union with England.

Workers board up Erika Murray?s squalid home in Blackstone.

For Blackstone?s youngest victims, a hard road ahead

Children who pass certain developmental benchmarks without proper care have a hard time recovering, experts said.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning had strong but constructive comments about the recent events in the NFL. Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images


Thoughts on Roger Goodell, Derek Jeter, and other hot topics

Picked-up pieces from the sports world, which include the question: Is Jeter second greatest big league shortstop of all-time?


// Are gay Catholics welcome in the church or not?

Catholic teaching on homosexuality, which prohibits sex between two people of the same gender, is black and white.