Two golfers face US charges of insider trading

Eric McPhail and Douglas Parigian face criminal charges, including one that carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

Azamat Tazhayakov is one of three college friends of Tsarnaev accused of hindering the probe into the bombing.

Tsarnaev friend?s FBI interviews were voluntary, judge rules

The ruling comes a day before jurors were expected to take up the case of Azamat Tazhayakov.

Israeli soldiers stood next to their 155mm cannon in the artillery unit positioned near the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip.

Israel resumes attacks after militants reject cease-fire plan

Hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip continued Tuesday.

// Economy still needs help, Federal Reserve chair says

If the labor market continues to improve, the Fed could raise a key interest rate sooner than projected, Janet Yellen said.

Rescuers working near a derailed subway train in a tunnel between Park Pobedy and Slavyansky Bulvar stations in Moscow.

Russian Emergency Situation Ministry/AP

Moscow subway derailment kills 20, injures 150

Of the 150 people reported injured, at least 50 were in grave condition, Moscow health officials said.

Jennifer Lawrence straightened a pull-out couch that she rents in the living room of her Somerville home.

With Airbnb, many turning rooms into inns

The promise of relatively easy money is making innkeepers of people who never thought they?d be in the hospitality industry.

// Teen thrives after attack by father while still in womb

?She?s my survivor baby,? said the mother of Yonetta Harris, a Boston student-athlete who has built a life that touches many.

Kevin Cullen

Gordon College insults our intelligence

Would Jesus really have a problem with a gay kid going to, or a gay person working at, Gordon College?


farah stockman

// Politics, Afghanistan-style

Ashraf Ghani, a candidate for president in Afghanistan, has changed in recent years.


Book Review

// ?Miracle at Fenway? by Saul Wisnia

Saul Wisnia?s latest book is a fresh take on the merry band that many will always hold as curse-breakers.