Dozens hospitalized at TD Garden concert

Thirty-six people were taken to hospitals suffering mainly from drug- and alcohol-related problems, authorities said.

Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz threw a pitch during the first inning.

Red Sox 5, Mariners 4

Clay Buchholz, Sox stop Mariners

Buchholz allowed four runs on seven hits in his first start in nearly a month.

Yvonne Abraham

Consider the children

Child impact statements would force us to confront something we?ve been dodging for decades.

Casino firms may unite to fight repeal

The three developers could cooperate in a bid to protect the state?s 2011 casino law.

tech lab

New apps make e-mail less taxing

Any e-mail program will deliver important messages; what?s needed are better tools for acting on them.

From left: Artie Melville of Milton, Adam Cyr of Somerville, and Eric Spence of Framingham were on edge while watching Sunday?s US vs. Portugal match at a watch party at the House of Blues.

Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe

Hub catches World Cup fever

As the US faces Germany in a pivotal match today, interest in the World Cup is at a new high, energizing hard-core and casual fans alike.

// Plan for harbor towers wins fresh look at City Hall

Officials said they are open to tall buildings on the site of the Harbor Garage, as long as open space is included and public access to the water remains.

// Supreme Court bans warrantless cellphone searches

The high court, displaying rare unanimity on a major issue, issued a sweeping endorsement of Americans? right to digital privacy.

// Aereo?s use of TV fare found to break copyright law

The ruling is a major victory for broadcasters as consumers are rapidly moving away from traditional TV viewing.


// Aereo has few options, but now needs a Plan B

Startups are all about the pivot, and it would be surprising if we don?t see one soon from Aereo.

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Stage Review

?The Events? stars Derbhle Crotty as a gay minister and Clifford Samuel as a young man who shoots up her choir rehearsal.

The unspeakable in ?The Events?

The quietly moving drama presented at Yale Repertory Theatre explores the tortured aftermath of a killing spree.