Calif. teacher tenure law ruled unconstitutional

A judge ruled that the law, which provides tenure protections for teachers, discriminates against minority and low-income students.

Student, suspect dead in Oregon school shooting

Authorities have tentatively identified the gunman but weren?t ready to release the name, the Troutdale police chief said.

// Food trucks as safe as restaurants, study says

The Virginia-based Institute for Justice examined inspection data over almost three years.

Masked man enters 3 Brighton homes in early morning

One man was allegedly awakened by the sensation of being tickled on his feet.

Clinton book drops many names, but not Patrick, Warren

None of the 635 pages in Hillary Clinton?s new book mentions the two leading politicians from Massachusetts.

Hillary Clinton attended a book signing at a Barnes & Noble in New York City.

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Evan Horowitz

How books help a presidential candidate

A book, and the national book tour that often follows it, can help politicians in a number of ways that have nothing to do with book sales.

Jane Mendillo

Harvard endowment chief Jane Mendillo to leave post

Mendillo spent six years overhauling the world?s largest university investment fund after it lost billions in the financial crisis.

Jenny Dell.

Jenny Dell joins CBS Sports

The former NESN reporter signed on with CBS Sports, where she?ll work as a sideline reporter during the NFL season.


// The vanished grandeur of accounting

Once, bookkeepers were valorized in great art. Sound funny now? The joke might be on us.