Arlington attack suspect was released last year

The man, who is accused of raping a woman in her home, was released from a facility for sex offenders after being found no longer dangerous.

Hanscom tragedy followed a celebratory evening

Lewis Katz and the three friends he brought to an education fund-raiser were killed, along with the jet’s crew.

Tsarnaev friend likely didn’t understand rights, expert says

A linguistics expert testified that Dias Kadyrbayev probably did not speak English well enough to understand Miranda warnings.

White House plan aims to cut power plant emissions by 30%

The plan to cut carbon emissions by 2030 sets in motion one of the biggest actions on global warming in US history.

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (front row, far right), with agent Jeff Schwartz to his right, takes in Sunday’s Red Sox game from the EMC Club at Fenway Park. Seated immediately to Love’s right is his agent, Jeff Schwartz, who also represents former Celtics star Paul Pierce. 
Jim Davis/Globe Staff


Kevin Love enjoys quite a weekend in Boston

Many NBA teams are focused on acquiring Love through a trade – and league sources say that includes the Celtics.

Dan Shaughnessy

// Red Sox may be relevant again this summer

Boston trails first-place Toronto by only six games after a stretch of baseball that reminded us of the Bobby Valentine Sox.


// Hopping Bridj from Brookline to Cambridge

The company is operating test routes from Brookline to Boston’s Financial District and Kendall Square, Cambridge.

The state’s bottle law could be expanded to include bottled water and sports drinks.

Expanded bottle law could be headed for ballot

Voters could decide whether the law should include bottled water, sports drinks, and other noncarbonated beverages.



// Tax the roads, not the fuel

Gasoline taxes have been the largest source of funds for building and fixing highways, but gas sales are trending down.


// Could aid to Syrians be prolonging the war?

Critics worry that the humanitarian effort has a dark side.