Some parents upset after trial halted for autism drug

Anders Zorovic suffers from autism and the related condition fragile X.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Parents with children in the trial treating autism and a related condition said the drug reduced anxiety levels in the children.

Concert review

// Joy, gratitude prevail at Boston Strong

Artists from different eras and genres came to sing the praises of Boston, its citizens, and the first responders and survivors of the Marathon attack.


// Teachers union nod? No thanks

Bostonians should want mayoral and City Council candidates who, like John Connolly, put the interests of students and their families above those of the union.

//[1]--90x90.jpg Torey Krug an unlikely hero for Bruins

How has a player with three previous games of NHL experience become a sparkplug that has ignited the Bruins in their NHL playoff run?

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Speaking in the Rose Garden Friday, President Obama urged Congress to prevent an increase in student loan rates.

Obama renews push on student loan hikes

President Obama is urging Congress to prevent a doubling of student loan rates.

A NASA illustration shows the orbit of asteroid 1998 QE2. The asteroid, which is nearly two miles wide, is set to pass by Earth on Friday, offering scientists a rare chance to study a massive flying object with its own moon.

Asteroid with its own moon to pass near Earth

While the asteroid will still be 3.6 million miles away form Earth, scientists say it’s the size of the space rock that wiped out the dinosaurs.

// Temperatures in mid-90s expected today

More hot, muggy weather is in store as temperatures could reach 94 degrees in Boston.

Bombings could have been averted, Keating reports

Russian officials believe that if warnings about Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been heeded, the Marathon bombings could have been avoided, said US Representative William R. Keating.

// Fire chief threatens to sue deputies

Chief Steve E. Abraira said comments from deputies criticizing his leadership were defamatory.


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Manchi Chu, 85, relaxed with a magazine in her renovated unit at the Franklin Square House in the South End.

Affordable apartments get revamp

On Thursday, the state’s largest affordable housing improvement effort was completed, with 841 rental units renovated.