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Syria agrees ‘in principle’ to attend peace talks

Syria’s government agreed to take part in an international conference next month aimed at ending the country’s civil war, its foreign minister said Sunday.

Warren wondered how many had been harmed or killed by tainted pharmaceuticals since 1997. “Why don’t you know?’’ she asked. “You’re the federal drug administration.”

Warren uses liberal clout selectively in new role

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s strategy for winning influence is much tamer and more incremental than her fans, or her enemies, might suspect.

Federal cuts hitting housing subsidy program

Thousands of the state’s poorest residents are losing or being denied federal housing subsidies as a result of automatic, across-the-board spending cuts.

// Brigham doctors set sights on leg transplants

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is screening patients for the surgery, which would be the first of its kind in the US.

Messages at a memorial for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters


Boston Marathon memorial: How much should we save?

As shrines to public tragedies proliferate, they force the difficult question of what’s important to preserve.

critic’s notebook

// The Marathon bombing images we can’t forget

Art critic Sebastian Smee considers photographs from the Marathon bombings and finds that they resist interpretation, yet are mesmerizing.

It was bear hugs all around after fourth-line center Gregory Campbell (11) sealed Game 5 with an empty-net goal, his second tally of the night.

Dan Shaughnessy

Never a doubt the Bruins were better team

The Rangers deserved to be swept, and were spared that indignity only because Tuukka Rask slipped on the ice in Game 4.

Sunday baseball notes

// Don Mattingly didn’t dodge difficult subjects

Mattingly may lose his job as manager of the Dodgers, but he gained respect for saying you just can’t “throw an All-Star team out there” and expect to win.


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Red Sox 7, Indians 4

David Ortiz gets a w arm welcome in the dugout after scoring during the Red Sox’ four-run eighth that beat the Indians.

Red Sox rally in eighth to beat Indians

Pinch hitter Mike Carp hit a double to tie the game and then scored the go-ahead run on a double by Dustin Pedroia in the 7-4 victory.