Broken City

Washington’s robust market for attacks, half-truths

A look inside an industry of distortion, where unnamed corporations pay richly to bend the debate their way.

Harold Roy watched Joseph Bertrand (left) and Jean Ford Sainvil as they practiced cardiopulmonary resuscitation on baby mannequins in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


MGH guard brings his gifts to Haiti, his ancestral home

Harold Roy hopes to transform the security officers for Zanmi Lasante, the sister organization of the Boston-based charity Partners in Health, into first responders.

McLaughlin probe takes aim at rigged inspections

Prosecutors are looking into whether federal officials or others tipped off former Chelsea housing chief Michael McLaughlin about “surprise” apartment inspections.

// For bombing suspect’s nurses, angst gave way to duty

The nurses assigned to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at Beth Israel Deaconess did what they had to do, and did it well.

Christine Keene of Lubec, Maine, checked one of her mother’s glass eel nets in the Penobscot River.


Eel fishing has been a boon to many in Maine

Soaring prices have brought a welcome windfall to residents who net the slippery little fish. But warning signs are on the horizon.

Yvonne Abraham

Custody case shows limits of US power

Colin Bower’s ex-wife kidnapped his two American sons and fled to Egypt, and the mightiest nation on the planet can’t get them back.

Winning ticket for $600m Powerball sold in Fla.

The winner will collect from a total pot of $590.5 million, and the cash option is worth $370,896,780.54 — before taxes.

Joe Lane (right) worked with engineering intern Alexander Rick at UMass Lowell. Lane got an MBA at Babson.

Low-residency programs blend online, campus classes

Many working professionals are turning to flexible, part-time programs to retool or change careers without having to uproot families or quit jobs.

Globe 100

Tech firms guiding stars for Mass. economy

Technology companies dominate the Globe 100 list again this year, but other sectors are following their lead.



The bedroom at Blantyre (left) and the appetizer of grilled foie gras at Wheatleigh.

Berkshires inns offer high quality, higher costs

Two of the state’s top inns, Blantyre and its nearby rival, Wheatleigh, are internationally ranked and exorbitantly priced.