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Watchdog blames lax oversight in IRS targeting

A government inspector general said ineffective management allowed the Internal Revenue Service to improperly target tea party groups.

A worker in Boston cleaned a window displaying a banner for The One Fund.

One Fund gets tax-exempt nonprofit status

The IRS approval clears the way for the fund to collect millions of dollars in corporate pledges.

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli praises team after Game 7 win

A long-awaited net-front presence was the key to the Bruins’ epic comeback, Chiarelli said.

Tougher drunken driving threshold recommended

A new recommendation lowers the threshold for drunken driving to .05 blood alcohol content, or about 1 drink for a woman weighing less than 120 lbs.

David Cameron tours MIT Media Lab

British Prime Minister David Cameron toured the media lab to learn more about how the university combines innovation with entrepreneurship.

Letter From Farm School

Dug in and flat out: planting time

The planting season is officially upon the apprentices at The Farm School.

Erik Jacobs for The Boston Globe

Erik Jacobs's spring update from his apprenticeship at The Farm School. Pictured, Tess Morningstar of Hopkinton, a student at the school.

A newborn lamb both relax from the stresses of farm life in springtime.

Erik Jacobs for The Boston Globe

A newborn lamb relaxed from the stresses of farm life in springtime.

Student farmer Sarah Habeck of Middletown, N.J., pets a baby ox.

Erik Jacobs for The Boston Globe

Student farmer Sarah Habeck of Middletown, N.J., petted a baby ox.

Momoko Hirose of Cambridge fixing a pig feeder.

Erik Jacobs for The Boston Globe

Momoko Hirose of Cambridge fixed a pig feeder.

Andrew Harrington of Barrington, R.I., works with Russian honeybees.

Erik Jacobs for The Boston Globe

Andrew Harrington of Barrington, R.I., worked with Russian honeybees.

Mary Dunne, left, and Malcolm Astley finish testified at the State House before the legislature's education committee. Their 18-year-old daughter, Lauren Dunne Astley, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2011.

Parents of slain Wayland teen urge violence education

The mother of a Wayland girl killed by her high school boyfriend called on legislators to make dating violence education mandatory.

An exterior view of Liberty Wharf is seen from Boston Fish Pier.


North Enders out of line on Parcel 9

The essential complaint about the housing and restaurant proposal is, if it’s built, it will draw people to the Greenway. Is that such a bad thing?

Exclusive Wednesday Preview | Movie REview

// ‘Into Darkness’ an exhilarating ride for ‘Star Trek’ crew

Director J.J. Abrams’ new movie convinces us that the rejuvenated crew of the USS Starship Enterprise has the iconic heft to go the distance.

Kevin Cullen

O’Malley’s reasoning on BC graduation boycott is flawed

Cardinal Sean O’Malley won’t share a stage with Ireland’s leader, who proposed a court-ordered law that would allow abortion to save mothers’ lives.


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bruins 5, maple leafs 4 | OT

Zdeno Chara hugged teammate Patrice Bergeron after Bergeron’s overtime goal eliminated the Maple Leafs, 5-4, in Game 7.

Bruins stun Maple Leafs with late comeback

“I kind of thought we were done,” Dougie Hamilton said of the 4-1 deficit the Bruins faced before roaring back to advance to the second round.