Some agonize over fleeing Marathon bombing scene

Robert Siciliano said his decision “got me to my family . . . But it’s still not right with me.”

Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

Some runners and spectators are suffering from feelings of intense guilt because when violence struck, they didn’t dash in to help.

Terrance Burton, dean of library services at UMass Dartmouth, greeted students with a high-five as they arrived for the school’s Moonlight Breakfast.

UMass Dartmouth tries to put the focus on school life again

The school, attended by one of the accused Marathon bombers and three charged with trying to cover up his role, is trying to move on.

Yvonne Abraham

To bury, not to praise

By treating even the most despicable person (Tamerlan Tsarnaev) as less than human, we become less human ourselves.

Google Now is attempting to upstage Siri, the sometimes droll assistant that answers questions and helps people manage their lives on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Tech Lab

Google Now is one step ahead

The predictive information service for your iPhone could tell you stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to know.

David Krejci scored his third goal of the night to give the Bruins a 4-3 win and a commanding 3-1 lead in their playoff series.

Game 4 | Bruins 4, Maple Leafs 3

Bruins beat Leafs in overtime

David Krejci scored his third goal of the night to give the Bruins a 4-3 win and a commanding 3-1 lead in their playoff series.

on hockey

Maple Leafs making it extra difficult for Bruins

The Bruins led for only 44 seconds. Now they stand perhaps 60 minutes from advancing to Round 2 of the postseason.

Edward Markey, in Congress since 1976, has a big head start on fund-raising, argues his rival, Gabriel Gomez.

PACs key source of Markey funds

Between Jan. 1 and April 10 PACs gave US Representative Edward J. Markey more than $500,000, according to a Globe analysis.

Gabriel Gomez’s house is in a Cohasset historic district.

Keeping home as is paid off for Gomez

Senate candidate Gabriel E. Gomez claimed a $281,500 tax deduction for pledging not to make changes to the facade of his 112-year-old Cohasset home.

Mass. to require labs to test marijuana for medicinal use

Massachusetts will be the first state to have independent labs test the safety and quality of marijuana sold for medical use.


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