Cleveland kidnappings

Ohio man charged with kidnapping, rape

Authorities have filed kidnapping and rape charges against Ariel Castro after three women were found alive in his home. His brothers currently face no charges.

Gina DeJesus raised her thumb as she arrived at her family home in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday.

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Two kidnapping victims return home

Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus (pictured giving a thumbs-up) returned to their family homes amid cheers as police described how the kidnap victims were likely physically bound and rarely allowed outside.

Opinion | Jonathan Zimmerman

The prom: An American relic

Tucked in the ritual of prom is a longing for a clearer set of rules about courtship.

The biggest question is, can Junichi Tazawa pitch the ninth inning? And the only reasonable answer is, we’ll see.

On baseball

Can Junichi Tazawa handle the pressure?

Tazawa, pressured into the closer’s role because of injuries, must prove his success in the 7th and 8th inning translates to the end of the game.

Marathon bombings

No answers yet on who gets reward in bombing case

Boston public safety unions that offered the $50,000 reward for the suspects’ capture said it’s premature to say who may wind up with the money.

State approves medical marijuana regulations

Under the rule, dispensaries will be required to hire an independent lab to test their products for contaminants.

Gregory Hicks, former deputy chief of mission in Libya, testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's hearing on the deadly assault of the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

Cliff Owen/AP

At House hearing, ex-diplomat describes Benghazi attack

Gregory Hicks delivered a riveting minute-by-minute account of the chaotic events during the deadly 1012 consulate assault.

Jodi Arias reacted as a guilty verdict was read in her first-degree murder trial in Phoenix.

Jodi Arias convicted of first-degree murder in ex-boyfriend’s killing

Arias was charged in the June 2008 killing of Travis Alexander in his suburban Phoenix home.


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Clay Buchholz started at Fenway Park on Monday.

Report: Clay Buchholz was using sunscreen on arm

Buchholz was using a mixture of sunscreen and rosin to get a better grip on the baseball when he was accused of cheating last week, Yahoo reported.


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Above left: Hilda Belcher’s “Arabella Martin.”

Watercolors with a keen and humane eye

An exhibition of Hilda Belcher’s work at Martha Richardson Fine Art reveals her to be a portraitist of exquisite sensitivity.