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Hit man takes stand in Bulger trial

John Martorano spent just 12 years in prison after agreeing to testify against “Whitey” Bulger, even though he admitted to committing 20 murders.

Court strikes down Arizona proof-of-citizenship law

The Supreme Court voted 7-2 to throw out the state’s requirement that prospective voters prove their US citizenship.

Sweeping US-EU trade talks to start in July

Talks on a sweeping new free trade agreement between the European Union and the US are slated to begin next month.

Gabriel Gomez campaigned in Quincy in May.

Elise Amendola/AP File

Opinion | Adrian Walker

Gabriel Gomez is no Scott Brown

The GOP Senate candidate won’t go down as the first person to discover that running for office is just a bit harder than it looks from the outside.

Caroline Reinsch and Christian Williams were seriously injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Marathon bombings

Amid death and anguish of bombing, a gift of life

Bombing victims Caroline Reinsch and Christian Williams kept the news of her pregnancy a Father’s Day surprise.

Roger Ahlfeld of Framingham conducted a job search from his tiny home office next to his daughter’s bedroom.

For those long out of work, job prospects get worse

The long-term unemployed are frequently viewed by companies as having outdated skills — or worse, as damaged goods.

// Support slim in Mass. for scrutiny of data

Forty percent of residents oppose the government obtaining telephone records and electronic information of Americans, a new poll shows.


Jennifer Graham

// We need Tim Tebow

Kneeling is an act that’s not permitted in the state religion, the Church of Self-Esteem. And that’s why we need Tim Tebow — to remind us to be humble.


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Orioles 6, Red Sox 3

David Ortiz reacts to flying out in the eighth inning, ending the Sox DH’s 0-for-4 performance.

Orioles roll past Jon Lester and Red Sox

The Orioles took three of four games in the series and improved to 5-2 against the first-place Red Sox this season.

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Ultra Sound Pregnancy

Some truths about (unplanned) C-sections

Labor is unpredictable. That’s why it’s so important to communicate your desires to your support team before go time.