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Power restored to most Back Bay residents

Power has been restored to all but a few large customers out of 12,000 in Back Bay after a cable connecting a transformer to the electrical grid apparently malfunctioned.

Tracks fear new tax on winning bets will sap business

Gamblers are grumbling over a new state gaming tax on winnings of more than $600, and some say they may take their bets elsewhere.

Mike Napoli’s trench is just one example of the time-consuming quirks that have become prevalent throughout baseball.


Why do baseball games take so long?

MLB game times, especially for some Red Sox contests, are running longer than any time in history. And there doesn’t appear to be any change on the horizon.

Charles Knowles inspected a Citi Bike station in Brooklyn, part of New York’s new bike-share program.

Shared bikes, headaches in New York, Boston

New Yorkers are looking to Boston for reassurance as their city’s bike-share program gets off to a bumpy start.

// Paul Cellucci, former Mass. governor, dies at 65

The Hudson native, who rose from a smalltown selectman to become governor and ambassador to Canada, died Saturday of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Pedro Brito discussed a physics problem with MIT professor David Pritchard. At right is Kira Street. Pritchard is taking lessons from his MOOC class to the classroom.

Professors take lessons from online teaching

The explosion of free online classes at prestigious universities has provided a vast laboratory to study how people learn.

Survivor Martha Galvis kissed therapist Samantha Geary on the cheek after an exercise folding laundry.

Caregivers, bombing victims have special bond

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital therapists have carved new paths for those most grievously injured by the April 15 attacks.


farah stockman

// The Wild West in South Sudan

The streets are teeming with what Americans believe makes the US great: the entrepreneurial spirit, in overdrive.


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