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Legislature technology chief faces federal tax bill

Edward Bell, who earned more than $1 million from the state in the past three years, is facing allegations that he owes tens of thousands of dollars in federal taxes.

Amy Lord

Wake for Amy Lord draws hundreds

The 24-year-old Wilbraham native was brutally beaten, kidnapped, and murdered last Tuesday in Boston.

Agreement lets state investigate food stamp fraud by retailers

Under the agreement, state agencies can go after stores that accept food stamps in exchange for lesser amounts of cash.

// Pope says he won’t judge gay priests

‘‘If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?’’ Pope Francis asked at a news conference.

Device makes skipping TV ads easy

Rich Theriault’s tablet had TV listings used in switching from a Red Sox game to a rock station in a game’s commercial break. A MyChoice device can automatically do the switch.


The MyChoice Gateway automatically switches stations to avoid advertisements and then goes back to the channel when the ads end.

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Geographic advantages in the mayoral race

Boston’s electorate will be splintered like never before.

George Scott crossed home plate on April 23, 1966, after hitting a two-run homer in fifth inning against Cleveland. Greeting Scott at the plate were Bob Tillman (10) and Tony Conigliaro.

Ex-Red Sox player George Scott dies

Scott, known as “Boomer,” became a Red Sox icon and was a member of the 1967 Impossible Dream team. He was 69.

David Ortiz, right, had to be restrained following his dugout explosion on Saturday.

MLB won’t suspend David Ortiz

The league opted not to suspend Ortiz for his violent, bat-swinging tantrum in the dugout on Saturday.


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// Make way for turkeys?

The suburbs and exurbs are full of people for whom “bleeding heart” is a description, not a meal.


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Apps jammed with arts-and-crafts ideas

Instead of occupying children with a TV or handing them an iPad and sending them on their way, try using technology more creatively.