Health plan for disabled cut back

Insurers’ reluctance to join a national experiment to improve care for disabled lower-income adults has forced Mass. to scale back the program.

Judge Denise J. Casper is relatively new to the bench.

Bulger judge keeps strong crosscurrents in check

More challenges lie ahead for Judge Denise Casper as James “Whitey” Bulger’s lawyers begin to present his defense this week.

Edward Markey, on the Senate subway, is navigating new corridors and customs.


New title, familiar elements for Edward Markey

Markey is the longest-serving representative in history to make the leap to the rarefied ranks of the Senate.

Police ‘close’ to answer in South Boston slaying

Local officials prepared to hold a community meeting Monday evening to address the fears of residents.

Doug Wood inspected a bag of rockweed he harvested off the Maine coast in early July.

Fred Field for the Globe

Maine’s rockweed harvesters trigger disputes

Harvesters have clashed with critics over the environmental impact and over who actually owns the valuable marine resource.

// Historic diversity in Boston’s mayoral field

Some fear the diverse ballot might fracture the minority vote rather than unite it behind one candidate.

Adrian Walker

Bold stands hard to come by in mayoral race

With so many candidates fighting over slivers of the electorate in Boston, they feel that they cannot risk alienating a single voter.

// High-tech corkscrew takes wine from uncorked bottle

The Coravin device allows wine lovers to decant a glass from a bottle and still keep the rest of the beverage in pristine condition.


opinion | jennifer graham

// Make way for turkeys?

The suburbs and exurbs are full of people for whom “bleeding heart” is a description, not a meal.