Hospitals size up the lessons of Marathon attacks

A victim of the Boston Marathon bombing was rushed to Boston Medical Center.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

In particular, the bombings brought forward a problem that has vexed trauma hospitals for years: the identification of victims.

Dartmouth College tackles binge drinking culture

The school has in the past two years become a national leader in trying to reduce binge drinking, making many changes on campus, large and small.

Dan Shaughnessy

// Reggie Lewis’s death still hurts, 20 years later

Until the arrest of former Patriot Aaron Hernandez for murder, the Celtics star’s death was perhaps the worst story involving a Boston athlete.

For Errol Morris, cameras never stop rolling

The filmmaker already has a grand legacy, but at the moment he is busier than he has ever been — active not just in film but on all fronts.

// Failure to get quorum didn’t stop Mass. panels

All too frequently, licensing boards overseen by the Dept. of Public Health have held meetings without the quorum needed to legally conduct business.

Mayoral candidates’ signs shout for attention from streets in such contested neighborhoods as Roxbury (above).


Boston mayoral hopefuls lean hard on neighborhoods

The city’s local power bases and history of tribal politics will be tested this September in the mayoral free-for-all.

// Crimes have put Daniel Conley in limelight

In his run for Boston mayor, the Suffolk County district attorney’s job has elevated his public profile.

Ken Vancott works at Eastern Acoustic Works, a Whitinsville company that provides speakers for big venues.

A new wave of acoustics firms builds on the past

Today’s audio technology cluster in Mass. traces its roots back to a long line of consumer speaker companies.



// Ought to be a law? Don’t be so sure

The belief that whenever there is a problem more government must be the cure flies in the face of experience.


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