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Magistrates can’t free convicts linked to drug lab scandal

The state’s highest court ruled that special magistrates cannot free convicts who claim that their cases were tainted.

Angry words fly at Bulger trial

The brother of one of James “Whitey” Bulger’s alleged victims called Bulger’s partner, Stephen Flemmi, a liar.

A resident cries on her collapsed house in Hetuo township in Dingxi, northwest China's Gansu.

At least 75 dead in China earthquakes

A series of earthquakes in northwestern China set off landslides and building collapses.

// Marathon victims get help making homes accessible

The Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance is a volunteer network offering free home-accessibility modifications for victims.

Marla Levenson, a military contracting officer, said a 20 percent pay cut has been a struggle.

Jessica Rinaldi for The Globe

Mass. feels pinch on federal workers

Employees are losing as much as 30 percent of their salaries to comply with a law aimed at reducing the federal deficit.

Hunter Perry gets picked up near his office on Harrison Avenue by Lyft, whose vehicles sport a pink mustache.

A post-taxi population opts for ride-sharing

As the cab industry seethes, tech-savvy drivers and passengers are embracing a burgeoning ride-sharing business model.

At Carroll Center for the Blind, students tried a new smartphone.

Smartphone software helps blind see

The Visus Visual Assist System provides visual and audio aids to blind people using the camera and other devices on a cellphone.

The Rays are coming back to Fenway Park, where they split a two-game series with the Red Sox last month.

On Baseball

Surging Rays a big test for the Red Sox

Tampa has been the best team in baseball lately, and arrives in Boston for a four-game series Monday seeking to knock the Red Sox from first place.

Efforts grow in Mass. to turn food waste into energy

An array of industrial plants from Bourne to Greenfield will convert hundreds of thousands of tons of food waste into energy.



// Surveillance state

The argument that “you only need to worry if you are doing something wrong” takes from us a sense of trust and shared responsibility.