Contract bidder called on Markey for favor

Edward J. Markey’s call to UMass president Robert Caret on behalf of a former aide offers a window into the access and influence of lobbyists.

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Trial of ‘Whitey’ Bulger

Victim’s daughter says father wanted to sell business

Pam Wheeler said her father, Roger Wheeler, wanted to sell all or parts of the business, a legalized gambling sport.

Dzhohkar Tsarnaev on cover of Rolling Stone

The cover story of Tsarnaev, “Jahar’s World,” profiles the one-time UMass Dartmouth student turned Boston Marathon bombing suspect.

Six great white sharks spotted near Chatham

The area of Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge near where the sharks were spotted is usually only accessible by boat.

A rendering of The Point in the Fenway. The tower would include 320 residences and retail.


BRA approves building more than 1,100 homes

The new homes, mostly upscale apartments, will be spread among four different city neighborhoods.

Noodles in green chow mein ver2.0 (above) have the bracing, herbal qualities of a Southeast Asian salad; North’s lobster (below) and crab rolls are served in a tomato-based sauce.

Dining out

North remixes flavors deliriously

“Maybe once a year, if I’m lucky, I get to eat somewhere that blows my mind. I just got my taste for 2013,” writes critic Devra First.

President Obama played the links with his longtime Chicago friend, Eric Whitaker, at Mink Meadows Golf Club.

For Obamas, Vineyard has enduring attraction

President Obama’s nearly annual sojourns on Martha’s Vineyard have coincided with his growth as a politician.

Immigration judges pushing for independence

The bid for independence from the Department of Justice could eventually open immigration court records to the public for the first time in US history.


Derrick Z. Jackson

// Vigilantes’ license to kill

Paranoia, irresponsible lawmakers, and gun owners’ entitled attitudes add up to more tragedy ahead.

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