Immigration judges pushing for independence

The bid for independence from the Department of Justice could eventually open immigration court records to the public for the first time in US history.

// Contract bidder called on Edward Markey for favor

Edward J. Markey’s call to UMass president Robert Caret on behalf of a former aide offers a window into the access and influence of lobbyists.

National health care overhaul apt to push up costs

Insurance costs for small businesses and individuals are likely to rise beyond the state’s benchmark, an industry study found.

Richard Cordray was confirmed as head of the new US consumer bureau.

Faced with rules change, GOP relents on Obama nominees

Senate Democrats used the threat of rule changes to force Republicans to withdraw their opposition to several White House nominees.

State, city agencies probing schools’ athletics spending

The potential misspending of funds by the Boston school district’s athletics department is related to the purchase of equipment and supplies.

President Obama played the links with his longtime Chicago friend, Eric Whitaker, at Mink Meadows Golf Club.

Bill Greene/GLOBE STAFF/FILE 2011

For Obamas, Vineyard has enduring attraction

President Obama’s nearly annual sojourns on Martha’s Vineyard have coincided with his growth as a politician.

Michael McLaughlin resigned in 2011.

US says funds paid for Michael McLaughlin’s trips

The US is challenging years of expenditures by the former head of the Chelsea Housing Authority as he prepares to face sentencing for fraud.

Students were transfixed as Harris Hogu dropped an egg in a parachute at Dragon Camp.

Boston schools try to stem ‘summer slide’

A growing number of Boston-area schools are expanding opportunities to help children maintain their academic progress.

Beth Boggs (right), her son, Christopher, and her mother, Anne Thompson, are among the longtime customers sad to see the last Brigham’s ice cream parlors closing.

Last two Brigham’s stores must change name

Just a year shy of Brigham’s 100th anniversary, the Boston ice cream institution will cease to exist anywhere but in grocery aisles.


Derrick Z. Jackson

// Vigilantes’ license to kill

Paranoia, irresponsible lawmakers, and gun owners’ entitled attitudes add up to more tragedy ahead.