Patience was key in ‘Strangler’ case

The Boston Police crime lab stored “Boston Strangler” samples after they were discovered in the ’90s, waiting for technology to improve.

Boston mysteries coming to a close

With Albert DeSalvo close to being officially the Boston Strangler, and James “Whitey” Bulger on trial, Boston riddles are being solved.

// Trying to close ‘Boston Strangler’ case

One of the nation’s most notorious mysteries is on the brink of being solved as DNA may link Albert DeSalvo and a victim, officials said Thursday.

Patrick backs DCF after baby’s death

Governor Deval Patrick defended the state’s child welfare agency, even as its decision to leave a baby boy in a troubled home was being reviewed.

Unions give boost to Walsh, Arroyo

Boston mayoral candidates Martin J. Walsh and Felix G. Arroyo received hefty donations in June from different unions.

Yoon S. Byun/ Globe Staff

A food bus run by Fresh Truck, a Boston start-up, aims to serve neighborhoods in need of more healthful food options.

Yoon S. Byun/ Globe Staff

“Finding affordable and healthy food can be an issue in any city," said cofounder Josh Trautwein.

Yoon S. Byun/ Globe Staff

Trautwein set up produce racks outside the food bus on City Hall Plaza.

Yoon S. Byun/ Globe Staff

The bus buys from the New England Produce Center, and keeps its overhead low by avoiding a brick-and-mortar shop.

Mobile Start-up

Food bus offers a fresh take on fruits, veggies

A retrofitted school bus, Fresh Truck, is expected to sell fruits and vegetables in Boston communities that don’t have nearby grocery stores.

kevin cullen

The end of ‘a hidden life’

June Larner spent 78 years in the Wrentham Development Center, making a new family when hers was no longer there for her.

Christopher L. Gasper

Dennard, Hernandez were risky decisions

The Patriots have courted character risks like Alfonzo Dennard and Aaron Hernandez to compensate for personnel evaluations that missed, with poor results.



// This long shot merits a close look

John Barros is not necessarily a front-runner in Boston’s mayoral race, but this smart, substantive community leader is a very impressive guy.


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Eone Timepieces, aims to solve that problem with the launch of its first tactile wristwatch, which went on sale for $128 Thursday through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

Thanks to Kickstarter, tactile watch debuts

Eone Timepieces has raised $40,000 so far to sell a tactile wristwatch for the blind, which features two metal ball bearings in place of traditional hands.


Stripes can work to balance an outfit. “When prints combine well, there’s an ‘ah ha’ moment,” says stylist Christina Pierce.

How to mix patterns this summer

Mixing prints often falls into the category of high-risk feats, even for the savviest of fashionistas. But it can be done.