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Trial of ‘Whitey’ Bulger

Weeks details killings, burials

Kevin Weeks described being in a South Boston home as “Whitey” Bulger allegedly killed multiple victims.

// Muslim Brotherhood rejects Egypt’s transition plan

A timetable announced by the military-backed interim leadership sets a fast track for amending the constitution and elections.

Opponents of Mohammed Morsi danced during a rally outside the Presidential palace in Cairo on Sunday.

Farah Stockman

How does this movie end?

As the cameras roll in Cairo, Egyptian protesters follow an uncertain script.

Bill strengthens oversight of compounding pharmacies

The proposed legislation aims to prevent a repeat of the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak blamed on a Framingham specialty pharmacy.

Jon Niedzwiecki’s resemblance to Aaron Hernandez is remarkable, and there is no shortage of people to point that out.


Resemblance to Aaron Hernandez isn’t funny anymore

In the days since Aaron Hernandez was arrested, the double-takes Jon Niedzwiecki receives have gone way up, and an easy joke became uneasy.

// Women in Ohio kidnap case thank public for support

The three women held captive in a Cleveland home for a decade broke their public silence in a YouTube video.

Traffic at the base of the Sagamore Bridge was backed up for miles on both Sunday and Monday.

Cape traffic becomes 2-day nightmare

Even in the infamous annals of Cape traffic, the backups at the end of the July Fourth weekend were cruel and unusual.

Drew Cannon stood courtside in Cameron Indoor Stadium before a 2012 Duke-Carolina game.

Drew Cannon, 23, bringing analytics to Celtics

New Celtics coach Brad Stevens hired the one-time bartender from obscurity last year, and will rely on him in Boston now.



// A GOP case against immigration reform

Among Republicans is a growing belief that agreeing to reform the nation’s immigration laws isn’t necessary to repair the party’s problems with Hispanic voters.