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Police seek public’s help in Aaron Hernandez case

Police are seeking the same of of mirror (left) that was broken off of a vehicle (right) connected to the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Bristol District Attorney

Authorities are again asking for help in locating a piece of a car mirror connected to the killing of Odin Lloyd.

// Morsi spokesmen quit as deadline draws closer

Three government spokesmen resigned as President Mohammed Morsi faced increasing isolation and fallout after the ultimatum from Egypt’s military.

Trial of ‘Whitey’ Bulger | Live Updates

Another former drug dealer takes the stand

William Shea, a former drug dealer who was allegedly forced to pay “Whitey” Bulger, is testifying.

Researchers discover new tick-borne illness

Patients who test negative for Lyme disease after a suspected tick bite could be suffering from another illness also spread by deer ticks.

Mosquitos are tested for disease in a Massachusetts state lab.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

‘Mosquito season’ calls for vigilance, state says

Anxious about a repeat of last year, when four people died from mosquito-borne illnesses, state health officials offered warnings.

Patrice Bergeron spent two days in the hospital after the Bruins’ loss in the Stanley Cup Final.

Patrice Bergeron healing, expects to be ready for camp

The Bruins star, who expects to sign an 8-year extension soon, is out of the hospital and won’t need surgery to correct his injuries.

Arsenal Mall a tech sector haven?

A scruffy stretch of East Watertown may be destined for a makeover as a mecca for start-ups and young professionals.


Farah Stockman

// Paula Deen’s ‘Bubba’ problem

It is far easier to burn Deen at the stake for a comment 25 years ago than participate in a real conversation about race.


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Danny Ainge, right, and the Celtics, who introduced top pick Kelly Olynyk on Monday, have a long climb back to contention ahead of them.

Tanking for lottery won’t help the Celtics

Tanking the season to try to claim the No. 1 overall pick has failed miserably twice before, so why would Celtics president Danny Ainge try again?