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Patrick picks ‘Mo’ Cowan as interim US senator

William “Mo” Cowan, Governor Patrick’s former chief of staff, will serve until the successor to John F. Kerry is elected on June 25.

Mass. economic growth still outpaces US, report shows

The state grew at a 1 percent rate at the end of last year, while the national economy contracted slightly amid a pullback in government spending.

The new touchscreen Z10 Blackberry device was unveiled in central London one of eight simultaneous worldwide events for the launch Wednesday.

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BlackBerry unveils new phones

The first two phones running the new BlackBerry 10 system are the company’s latest attempt to catch up to iPhones and Android devices.

Former US Representative Gabrielle Gifford, assisted by her husband, US Navy Captain Mark Kelly, spoke at a Senate Judiciary committee hearing on gun violence.


Giffords urges ‘bold’ action on gun violence

At the Senate’s first gun control hearing since the Newtown killings, Gabrielle Giffords pushed for action, saying ‘‘too many children are dying.”

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Inside Menino’s speeches

Mayor Menino gave his 20th State of the City address Tuesday. Compare the themes of his most recent speech to past ones.

American’s vanishing act is problematic for Boston fliers because it gives them fewer options and nonstop flights.

American Airlines pulls back at Logan

The struggling airline is further reducing its presence at Logan, planning to eliminate its only remaining international flight, to London, at the end of March.

Former Red Sox Manager Terry Francona in 2011.

Andrew Zimbalist

Francona’s petty payback to Sox owners

The narrative in Terry Francona and Dan Shaughnessy’s “Francona, the Red Sox Years’’ is as unconvincing as it is, at points, nasty, petty, inaccurate, and unfair.

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