Patrick seeks fewer life terms for youths

Governor Deval Patrick plans to propose legislation to reduce the number of teenagers sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for first-degree murder.

Robert Reed looked at the $1,525 bill for “operating room’’ and hospital “facility’’ charges from Lahey Clinic at his home in Marblehead. The doctor had billed $354 for her services.

Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

A hospital fee, minus the hospital

After a doctor’s appointment, Robert Reed received a $1,500 statement for use of an operating room he never visited.

Amherst Cinema

Digital shift threatens community theaters

A costly shift to digital projection will endanger some community movie theaters.

Women remain outsiders in video game industry

Female game characters are hypersexualized, and female workers are frequently subjected to unequal treatment and harassment.

US officials have tried at least three times in 12 years to deport Ivan Vaclavik, shown in Brighton District Court last month.

Aram Boghosian for the Boston Globe

Another free pass for Ivan the incorrigible

Despite more than 100 criminal charges, Ivan Vaclavik has dodged deportation for nearly four decades. He contends he can’t be sent home because his home land no longer exists.

Book excerpt

// Inside Terry Francona’s Red Sox clubhouse

In the first installment of the preview of Francona’s book written with Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, we learn about the inner workings of Francona’s clubhouse rituals.

Boston-based composer and technologist Tod Machover at work in his home studio.

third ear

Sounds of a city: A new template for collaboration in Toronto

In “A Toronto Symphony,” Boston-based composer and technologist Tod Machover test-drives a new model for collaboration between an artist and his public.

Innovation Economy

Amazon is busy, but secretive, at Kendall Square offices

Current and former employees are forbidden from talking about what happens at the Cambridge office.