Cavaliers 95, Celtics 90

A lack of urgency in Cleveland

Kyrie Irving, who scored 40 points in the Cavaliers’ win, also played a little defense, stopping Paul Pierce here.

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The Celtics missed 18 of 23 shots in the final quarter and lost their fourth straight game to fall one game below .500.

Cumin flavored beef with chili sauce.

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Authentic Sichuan cuisine in a strip mall in Framingham

Red Pepper, which opened in a strip mall in 2007, features a spare ambiance and quirky menu translations, but raises the bar for Sichuan cuisine in the Boston area.

Pomegranate-glazed chicken with coconut quinoa at Abby Park in Milton.

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Going with the grains

At Bondir in Cambridge, a little savory tart represents edible history in many corners of the world, as ancient grains have been popping up more at local establishments.

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Nanny accused of violent behavior in the past

Aisling McCarthy Brady, accused in the death of a 1-year-old, has faced assault and battery charges and been the subject of two restraining orders.

Manti Te’o paused during an interview with ESPN on Friday.

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Te’o’s false romance a story nearly as old as love

The heartbreak and hoax that befell Manti Te’o, the Notre Dame linebacker, is age-old, although the Internet adds a new element of risk for those seeking love.

MIT website hacked in tribute to cyber activist Aaron Swartz

Hackers took down the website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for an hour in a tribute to Swartz, the activist who committed suicide earlier this month.


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Napoli has vascular necrosis of the hip joint

The Red Sox introduced Mike Napoli, who said he didn’t know of his condition before a team physical and has never had symptoms.