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Nanny pleads not guilty in death of 1-year-old girl

Aisling McCarthy Brady, accused of fatally injuring the girl on the child’s first birthday, was ordered held on $500,000 cash bail.

Sonja Farak, a chemist at a state crime lab, is charged with tampering with drug evidence.

State chemist pleads not guilty to tampering with drugs

A 35-year-old chemist was charged with tampering with drug evidence at an Amherst lab in the second testing scandal to hit the state’s drug labs.

// Owners drew $16m from pharmacy tied to deaths

The owners of the Framingham pharmacy blamed for a national fungal meningitis outbreak pulled millions of dollars out of the company in the last year.

Boston’s plans would let more attend school close to home

Three revised proposals would scrap the city’s current system of assigning students to schools.

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Antibullying idea clicks

Musician Amanda Palmer opened up her blog to allow others to vent about their stories of being bullied, and it has become something of a virtual therapy session.

Manny Ramirez talked back to the dugout after hitting a home run in 2005.

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In Francona book, odd Manny Ramirez stories emerge

In his new book, the ex-Red Sox manager offers some peeks behind the clubhouse doors, including some of the frustrations in dealing with Ramirez.

Governor Deval Patrick’s sweeping plan would raise the state income tax from 5.25 percent to 6.25 percent while cutting the sales tax from 6.25 percent to 4.5 percent.

Economists split on Patrick’s tax plan

Will tax increases of the kind proposed by Governor Patrick help or hurt the local economy? Much like the federal tax debate, economists disagree.

“For if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well,” President Obama stated.

2013 inauguration

Obama’s speech a ‘catalyzing moment’ for gay rights

President Obama’s emphatic call for gay rights surprised many, even those in Massachusetts, the first state in the nation to legalize gay marriage.

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// Inside the inaugural speeches

Inaugural addresses often celebrate American values while looking forward to the future, but the vocabulary has changed over the decades.


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Roudna Joseph joined hands with colleagues during the final benediction at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. memorial breakfast at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Monday.

Hundreds urged to honor King’s legacy

Preachers and public officials made calls to action at a Martin Luther King Day breakfast at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

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