Chemist at Amherst crime lab is arrested

The chemist was arrested last night and faces two counts of tampering with drug evidence, and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

President Obama still talks of change in 2d term

The mood in advance of President Obama’s second inaugural is rooted more in reality and a sense of limits.

“I’m not as excited as I was four years ago but maybe it’ll be different,” Elysander Plaza said. “Because of that experience the first time, I can never stop being inspired.”

Four years later, reflections on a historic inaugural

The Globe followed up with some Obama supporters to see how they feel about the president today, and what the second inaugural means to them.

Three titans contending for Boston-area casino license

The battle for casino development rights in Greater Boston has all the elements of can’t-miss public theater.

Henri Termeer led Genzyme until 2011 and still keeps a high profile.

Henri Termeer isn’t exactly settling into retirement

Not content to rest on his laurels, the former Genzyme chief is staying busy as a tireless advocate for the Mass. biotech industry.

Tom Brady is closing in on the Muhammad Ali/Michael Jordan pantheon.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Dan Shaughnessy

Is Tom Brady the best QB ever?

Brady has vaulted past career-long rival Peyton Manning, and can solidify the title of greatest QB in history with two more victories.

Sunday Football Notes

// Patriots should edge Ravens in AFC title game

Just like last year, before that AFC title game, the Patriots deep down inside know they are in for a heavyweight title bout.

Ray Lewis was jailed and went to trial for a double-murder in 2001; the perennial Pro Bowler turned his life around and was Super Bowl MVP a year after the trial, and is now in what he calls his “last ride’’; Lewis (right), at his Charity Bowling Tournament, is a beloved figure in Baltimore.

Ravens’ Ray Lewis won’t be forgotten

In an era obsessed with legacy, the Baltimore linebacker’s will be a complex one.

Bill Belichick could really use another Super Bowl win, but he has to win the AFC first.

Bob Ryan

Bill Belichick needs to win a post-Spygate Super Bowl

In the court of public opinion, the Patriots will not be legitimate until they can put on their championship rings with Spygate in the rearview mirror.

Tom Brady will be playing in his seventh AFC title game.

Ravens at Patriots, 6:30 p.m., CBS

Patriots’ keys to a victory vs. Ravens

How can the Patriots move past the Ravens and into Super Bowl XLVII? Jim McBride has the answers in his scouting report.


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Christmas trees like the one at top picked up by Boston trash collectors in West Roxbury eventually end up on a giant compost pile in Mattapan.

Tossed-out Christmas trees’ tales only half over

More than 100 tons of trees are gathered from curbs around Boston and brought to the city’s composting site, where they wait to be chopped up by a giant grinder.

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