More tax hikes in Patrick’s blueprint

Governor Deval Patrick’s tax plans would eliminate 45 personal tax deduction including those for T passes, college scholarships, and dependents under 12.

More charter schools sought

A group of charter school advocates, business leaders, and legislators is pushing to abolish a state-imposed cap on the number of charter schools.

Among the 161 works Daphne Farago has given the Museum of Fine Arts is John Cederquist’s “Couchabunga” (1992).

Gift boosts MFA’s contemporary stock

A gift from art collector Daphne Farago will dramatically upgrade the Museum of Fine Arts’s holding of contemporary glass and craft.

Standoff in Algeria

Algerian army rescues some hostages, death toll unclear

Some Americans escaped, but other Americans remain either held or unaccounted for after an Algerian military assault against Islamist extremists.

// Early morning gang raid months in the making

After two years of surveillance and undercover work, an army of more than 300 law enforcement officers set out at dawn to crush two of Boston’s most violent street gangs.

Paul Sullivan of Captain Marden's Seafoods and Peter Klein, a manager at John Nagle Company, look over escolar (sometimes called white tuna or ex-lax fish) caught off Puerto Rico. Legislation expected Friday would impose fines on places that mislabel seafood and make Massachusetts the first state to ban escolar.

Mark Wilson/Globe Staff

Fishy business

Bill carries fines for mislabeled seafood

Legislation expected Friday would impose fines on places that mislabel seafood and make Mass. the first state to ban escolar, an oily species known as the “ex-lax” fish.

Running back Danny Woodhead, 5-foot-8, stood tall after a November touchdown.

Smaller players fill vital roles for Patriots

Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, Shane Vereen, and Deion Branch have more important traits than height and weight.

Patriots-Ravens meetings have been decidedly competitive

Perhaps Baltimore is the Patriots’ fiercest rival, the team that not only talks a lot but can actually back it up.

Rob Ninkovich has an uncanny knack for the big play, just like another No. 50 from the Patriots’ glory days, Mike Vrabel.

Christopher L. Gasper

Patriots’ Ninkovich is doing his best Vrabel impression

Rob Ninkovich has an uncanny knack for the big play — just like another No. 50 from the Patriots’ glory days, Mike Vrabel.

Scarlett Johansson in the Broadway revival “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

Stage Review

On Broadway, ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ is merely tepid

Tennessee Williams’s title character presents a tricky challenge for any actress, and one that Scarlett Johansson, who plays Maggie in the Broadway revival, proves unable to meet.


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 JAMES MCHUGH, of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Gaming panel won’t extend deadline

One by one, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission dispatched with appeals from three developers and one mayor seeking extensions to the deadline for gaming license applications.

Nation & World

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Political Notebook

18notebook - ***warning: image lo res, use for less than 2.5 columns.*** Mary White, an assistant to John F. Kennedy's chief speech writer with Paul Nejelski (L), whose wife Marilyn worked in congressional relations in the Kennedy White House. (National Archives and Records Administration)

Half-century later, Kennedy staffers reunite at archives

A handful of surviving members of President John F. Kennedy’s White House staff came together Wednesday to relive those heady times.


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“Where is My Hope?

‘Graphic Advocacy’ at MassArt

“Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age 2001-2012” runs at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Gallery through March 2.


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Movie Review

Russell Crowe with Mark Wahlberg in “Broken City,” directed by Allen Hughes.

Breaking and exiting

“Broken City” is a cluttered, formulaic urban thriller, with Mark Wahlberg miscast as a conflicted tough-guy detective caught in an election week conspiracy.