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Standoff in Algeria

Algerian army rescues some hostages, death toll unclear

Some Americans escaped, but other Americans remain either held or unaccounted for after an Algerian military assault against Islamist extremists.

Fishy business

Bill carries fines for mislabled seafood

Legislation expected Friday would impose fines on places that mislabel seafood and make Mass. the first state to ban escolar, oily species known as the “ex-lax” fish.

Lance Armstrong admits to doping

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the disgraced former champion acknowledged he lied for years.

Tax plan adds fairness to system, Patrick argues

Although 50 percent of residents would see higher taxes in Governor Patrick’s plan, more of the tax burden would be put onto higher-income earners, he said.

Russell Crowe with Mark Wahlberg in “Broken City,” directed by Allen Hughes.

Alan Markfield

Friday Preview | Movie Review

Breaking and exiting

“Broken City” is a cluttered, formulaic urban thriller, with Mark Wahlberg miscast as a conflicted tough-guy detective caught in an election week conspiracy.

Emmanuelle Riva as the deteriorating Anne in the 2012 film

Friday Preview | Movie Review

‘Amour’ bears witness to an awful ­­— and intimate — truth

A simple yet devastatingly profound story of an elderly French couple during the long, squalid months of the wife’s decline.

Carmen Ortiz ‘terribly upset’ by suicide of Aaron Swartz

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz expressed her sympathy for the family of Aaron Swartz, but defended her office’s actions in pursuing hacking charges.

Federal, state, and Boston police fanned out across several neighborhoods today in a series of simultaneous pre-dawn raids, including this one on n Langdon Street.

Gang arrests spur hopes for drop in violence

After 30 were charged in a gang crackdown in Dorchester, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said there is hope it will “quiet the streets and improve the quality of life” for residents.

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Stage Review

Seana McKenna plays Anne Hathaway in Merrimack Repertory Theatre’s production of “Shakespeare’s Will.”

Envisioning Mrs. Shakespeare’s life at Merrimack Rep

In the one-woman show, “Shakespeare’s Will,” playwright Vern Thiessen combines familiar history with a wholly imagined story of life with William Shakespeare.


Bargain Bin

Dishes available at The Society of Arts and Crafts’ pre-inventory sale.

Society of Arts and Crafts marks down some well-curated items

A well-curated yet wide-ranging selection of pieces marked down 15 percent, can be found at the Society of Arts and Crafts pre-inventory sale.