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Patrick unveils ambitious new education plan

The plan, which would eventually cost $1 billion a year, calls for universal access to high-quality early education and other initiatives.

Ortiz’s husband causes backlash with post on hacker’s suicide

A post by the husband of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz about the death of Aaron Swartz prompted an outpouring of protest and vitriol on Twitter.

Japan grounds all ‘Dreamliner’ planes in latest blow to new jet

The emergency landing of a Boeing 787, due to a battery problem, caused Japan to ground all flights by such aircraft.

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Kerry’s financial holdings may pose ethics dilemma

A review is underway of the financial holdings of Senator John Kerry, nominated to be secretary of state, and his billionaire wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.

New judges (from left) Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj, with returning veteran Randy Jackson.

Michael Becker/FOX

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New judges could bring sizzle to aging ‘American Idol’

With fresh blood and complicated dynamics at the judges’ table, “American Idol” is poised to be something it hasn’t been for a few seasons: worth watching.

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// Wood-burning ovens take on new life

Wood-burning ovens, which give food an appealingly crusty exterior and moist interior, are becoming the workhorses of restaurants around Boston.

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Jessie Ware delivers slo-mo soul

The singer’s performance at the Sinclair in Cambridge on Monday, the first stop on her US tour, was a testimony to her slow-motion soul sound.

In book, Francona criticizes Red Sox owners

In an upcoming book, former Red Sox manager Terry Francona said owners ordered the acquisition of more star players based on a marketing study.


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Christopher L. Gasper

Rob Gronkowski’s season ended when the big tight end broke his forearm on this play.

Rob Gronkowski’s loss leaves giant hole

It’s misguided that some people seem to be dismissing how much of an effect Gronkowski’s injury will have on the Patriots.