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Boston Archdiocese details reorganization

The reorganization, to be phased in over five years, is designed to help parishes cope with diminished attendance, a priest shortage, and low fund-raising.

Vice President Joe Biden made brief remarks to the press after a meeting with Cabinet members and sportsmen's, wildlife and gun interest groups on Thursday.

NRA says White House is demonizing Second Amendment

The gun-rights organization said the vice president’s task force on gun safety is spending most of its time on proposals to limit gun rights.

Millbury company sued for not delivering wedding videos

Dozens of couples say they were cheated out of their wedding videos by a Millbury company, which received advanced payments totaling $75,000.

President Obama announced his choice of Jack Lew as the next Treasury secretary on Thursday.

Obama nominates Lew to head Treasury

If confirmed, Jack Lew would assume the post in time for the administration to tangle anew with Republicans over looming fiscal deadlines.

Medford-bred writer-director Tom O’Brien’s film is set in the Massachusetts seaside town.

Peter Simonite

Friday Preview | Movie Review

‘Fairhaven’: Finding yourself in the shadow of Tom Brady

This locally shot indie’s slender story line features Medford-bred writer-director Tom O’Brien.

From left: Giovanni Ribisi, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Anthony Mackie, Michael Peña, and Robert Patrick play LAPD officers called the Gangster Squad.

Friday Preview | Movie Review

‘Gangster Squad’ is just flash

Echoes of better movies don’t make this one of them.


‘Lincoln’ leads pack with 12 Oscar nominations

Heavy favorites were snubbed, independent visions celebrated, and Oscar history made with today’s nominations.

Photo Gallery | From the Archives

// The Great Molasses Flood of 1919

The infamous molasses flood of 1919 was a tragedy like no other. A giant tank in the North End collapsed on January 15 and sent a wave of molasses through the streets of Boston, killing 21 people.

Sen. John Kerry.

Kerry jokes that his own speeches cure his jet lag

A frequent flier, US Senator and secretary of state nominee John Kerry made the comments in a light-hearted interview in Men’s Journal.

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Vice President Joe Biden met with victims groups and gun safety organizations in Washington on Wednesday.

Biden says action will be taken on guns

Vice President Joe Biden vowed urgent action against gun violence, pledging steps that he said could ‘‘take thousands of people out of harm’s way.’’


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Shaw’s, Star Market part of proposed $3.3b sale

Cerberus Capital Management, the firm that controls Steward Health Care, is part of a group buying five grocery chains from Supervalu.


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The “1600 Penn” cast includes Jenna Elfman as first lady Emily Gilchrist, Bill Pullman as President Dale Gilchrist, and Martha MacIsaac as daughter Becca.

‘1600 Penn’ mines first family for laughs

The NBC sitcom, which kicks off in its regular time slot Thursday night, does not focus on politics, but rather how public figures struggle with private issues.